GeoawesomeTalk with Magdalena Manilal

Making 0.5m DEM from satellite data | GeoawesomeTalk with Laura Henrichs @Airbus

The Geographic Approach For Utilities | Matt Piper – Global Director Industry Solutions @Esri

Enhanced Utility Vegetation Management Through Persistent Monitoring | Antony Palizzi @LiveEO

Regrid’s Esri-Compatible Feature Service | #GeoawesomeTalk with Sahana Murthy from Regrid

Remote Sensing Opportunities to Enhance Vegetation Management Operations | Patrick Howe @HydroOne

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Geospatial Data Version Control with Kart

Getting Started with Africa Geoportal

Jeffrey Lewis: The Work of an Open Source Intelligence Researcher: Keeping Goverments Accountable – MBM #27

Indra Den Bakker – Overstory & Tackling Climate by Monitoring Vegetation with Satellite Data

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