The Golden Age of SAR? | Iain Woodhouse – Professor of Applied Earth Observation at the University of Edinburgh

Exploring the SAR Revolution: Embracing the New Era in Earth Observation | Antara Dasgupta

Can SAR data be utilized for effective decision making? | Goh Fukuda – Head of Product Development @Synspective

Anti-Deforestation Compliance & Risk Mitigation Tech.

EUDR and the Natural Rubber Industry.

Earth Observation for Sustainable Forests | Veronika Strnadová and Marketa Gladysev

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6th CASSINI Hackathon: Lending a hand to global development & humanitarian aid


Accelerating New Space with Affordable Satellite Systems – A Satellogic Story

The Overture Maps Foundation: Do We Need a New Open Mapping Project?

Strategic Heights: Satellites, AI and Victory in War

Exploring Open Source Intelligence in a Conflict-Ridden World

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