May 22.2024 Berlin, Germany

Planet: On The Road – Berlin

Complimentary, one-day event of in‑person learning, networking, and inspiration. Experience captivating keynotes, interactive breakout sessions, thought-provoking panels and 1:1 discussions. Explore the latest in product innovation that will shape the earth observation industry.
May 28.2024 Sydney, Australia

AusSpace 2024

Gain insights into the challenges of funding and how to ensure sustainable growth in the Australian space industry in the next five, 10 and 30 years. Explore how the Australian space sector remains relevant to the broader economy by showcasing everyday applications. Discover global expansion opportunities and how international collaborations can propel Australian manufacturers, space businesses and researchers to new heights. Understand the importance of increasing international relations for the development of the Australian space sector from grassroots to global prominence. Hear directly from the space and industry experts as they discuss strategic growth priorities to advance the space industry. Gain business insights and market intelligence on how to win business in the space industry and shape and drive your own business strategies. Network with key industry leaders, exhibitors and peers at the ‘always-on’ exhibition.
May 28.2024 Longueil, Canada

2024 National Forum on Earth Observation

This event will bring together Canadian stakeholders from industry, academia, Indigenous communities and public sector in order to assess current Earth observation (EO) undertakings and discuss the next steps for satellite EO in Canada.
May 29.2024 Boulder, USA

20th International Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Measurements from Space

The goal of the workshop is to present and discuss the state of the art in space-based remote sensing of greenhouse gases from space, notably carbon dioxide and methane, and related products.
May 29.2024 Frascati, Italy

Super – Resolution and Downscaling for EO and Earth Science

This event focuses on the advanced application of Super-Resolution and downscaling techniques across diverse Earth Observation data types such as multispectral, hyperspectral, thermal/IR, video, SAR, radiometers, and scatterometers. It also explores downscaling techniques in varied Earth Science fields like climate modeling, hydrology, ecology, weather forecasting, oceanography, and air quality. The event emphasizes AI and deep learning for Super-Resolution and downscaling, focusing on explainable AI, uncertainty quantification, product quality control, validation, and downstream services.
Jun 2.2024 Thompsonville, MI, USA

2024 IMAGIN Annual Conference

The 2024 IMAGIN Annual Conference is a significant gathering of primarily Michigan-based GIS professionals and enthusiasts in the field of geospatial information and technology. This annual conference focuses on the latest advancements, practical applications, and emerging trends in geographic information systems (GIS), offering a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and professional development.
Jun 5.2024 ExCeL London

GEO Business 2024

Join 4,000+ geospatial professionals at the UK’s largest geospatial event on 5-6 June 2024 at ExCeL London. GEO Business features two days jam-packed with inspiring content, including 150+ speakers across 7 stages, 70 hours of CPD accredited education, 130+ exhibitors, networking drinks, live demos of the latest tech, and much more! Don’t miss your chance to discover the latest developments in geospatial, get inspired and connect with others in the profession. Register for your FREE ticket now!
Jun 10.2024 Halifax, Canada

45th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing

For 2024, the 45th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing (CSRS) will be located at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia from June 10th to 13th. CSRS 2024, a ISPRS cosponsored event, will bring together academics, practitioners, vendors, and policymakers from the Remote Sensing community in an informative and productive four-day event titled Exploring Past, Present, and Future. With workshops, keynote speakers, oral and poster sessions, exhibitions and panel discussions, attendees will enjoy cutting-edge technical content and networking opportunities.
Jun 11.2024 Frascati, Italy


This workshop is a joint initiative of ESA and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission to foster a greater uptake of Earth Observation technology in environmental compliance assurance.
Jun 12.2024 Brussels, Belgium

ExpandEO 2024

EXPANDEO, the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC)’s annual event, where the market meets, provides a key platform for European Earth Observation companies, institutional actors and various other stakeholders to interact and network, learn about current policies and their impact on the industry, as well as reflect on challenges and explore new horizons.
Jun 12.2024 Washington DC, USA

Planet: On The Road – Washington DC

One-day event of in‑person learning, networking, and inspiration. Experience captivating keynotes, interactive breakout sessions, thought-provoking panels and 1:1 discussions. Explore the latest in product innovation that will shape the earth observation industry.
Jun 13.2024 London, UK

EO Summit (from TerraWatch)

This event focuses on practical insights into Earth Observation technologies and market trends. Attendees will explore real-world commercial applications and use cases of EO, and have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and users of EO technology. The conference is user-centric and application-driven, offering a platform to hear from both the EO industry and its users. It emphasizes the 'so what' of satellite data applications, not just the 'what' of technologies.
Jun 21.2024 Amsterdam, Netherlands

International Conference on Environment and Life Science (ICELS)

The conference provides a platform for professionals involved in Environment and Life Science to exchange knowledge and gain an insight into the state of the art in the current technology, techniques and solutions in Environment and Life Science as they have been developed and applied in different countries.
Jul 1.2024 Tartu, Estonia


The FOSS4GE conference, a European extension of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) annual event, connects professionals in the geoinformation software realm. OSGeo, as an international association, emphasizes geoinformatics, cartography, and open standards, fostering data sharing, collaboration, and innovative problem-solving across various domains.
Jul 7.2024 Athens, Greece

IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium

It is the leading meeting of more than 2.500 esteemed scientists and professionals in the Remote Sensing field worldwide. It distinctively contributes to the exchange of views, sharing of experiences and the training of younger scientists, opening new perspectives for research development and investments in the sector. Under this year’s theme “Acting for Sustainability and Resilience”, we anticipate to stimulate enlightening debates for opening science and innovation, towards the creation of innovative solutions for the benefit of societies.
Jul 15.2024 San Diego, CA, USA

Esri User Conference 2024

Explore the Esri User Conference! Gain inspiration from global industry leaders and fellow professionals. Visit the Map Gallery, interact with Esri's technical experts, and discover the latest products and solutions in the Expo and Esri Showcase. Network and apply these fresh insights to your own projects.
Jul 17.2024 Seattle, USA


This event focuses on topics in the Earth Observation domain, emphasizing advancements in machine learning and data processing techniques. Attendees will get insights about super-resolution, hyperspectral image processing, and 3D point cloud reconstruction, among other areas. With deep learning, domain adaptation, and explainable AI as key themes, the event addresses challenges in climate change, geoscience, and sustainable development goals. Moreover, it promotes data-centric machine learning, multi-resolution processing, and collaborative research with open benchmark datasets, aiming to foster innovation and knowledge exchange in the EO community.
Jul 24.2024 Adelaide, Australia

17th Australian Space Forum

Supported by the Australian Space Agency and the South Australian Space Industry Centre, the Forum provides the perfect opportunity to stimulate ideas, share information about emerging technologies and network with influential space sector leaders and the broader community.
Aug 3.2024 Logan, USA

Small Satellite Conference

During the 38th Annual Small Satellite Conference, it is going to be explored how automation is being integrated into small satellite systems across the space, launch, ground, and user segments, making them smarter and more effective.
Aug 14.2024 Toronto, ON, Canada

CPGIS’2024 – The 31st International Conference on Geoinformatics

This conference is focused on Geospatial Sciences for Sustainability, offering sessions on various streams like GIS for smart cities, environmental monitoring, public health, and sustainable natural resource management​.
Sep 2.2024 Biograd na Moru & Zadar, Croatia


This event focuses on topics related to geoinformatics, geodesy, cartography, real estate management, spatial planning, environmental protection, digital heritage, smart cities, cyber security, and more. It also covers aspects like agriculture, forestry, hydrography, emergency management, and the legal aspects of space and informatics, aiming to address various dimensions of Earth science, digital technology, and resource management.
Sep 3.2024 Copenhagen, Denmark

European Polar Science Week

The European Polar Science Week aims to unite the polar science community, fostering collaboration and reinforcing European cooperation. The second Polar Science Week focuses on sharing the latest Earth observation results and promoting networking in polar sciences by connecting diverse expertise, data, and resources. Attendees will assess progress made since the first event, identify key challenges and gaps in research, and provide recommendations for a Polar Science Agenda. This agenda aims to maximize synergies between ESA and the Horizon Europe Programme and offer policy-relevant insights.
Sep 6.2024 Nairobi, Kenya

State of the Map

State of the Map is the annual event for all mappers and OpenStreetMap users. In 2024 the State of the Map conference will be taking place in Nairobi, Kenya and online. It will be a three day conference packed with talks, workshops, discussion rounds and more.
Sep 9.2024 Bratislava, Slovakia

QGIS User Conference | 2024

The QGIS User Conference '24 is an international 2-day event on Sep 9 and 10, 2024 in Bratislava, Slovakia. There will be presentations and workshops to get your QGIS knowledge up to date. There will also be space for "unconference" type of meeting, where you can bring your own topics for discussions or workshops and wind people who are interested.
Sep 9.2024 Adelaide, Australia

Advancing Earth Observation Forum

The Earth observation (EO) community encompasses a diverse group from industry, government, research, defense, non-profits, and educational institutions. Together, they gather and process data from various platforms to generate insights and provide information for numerous applications. By fostering collaboration and connection, the community enhances understanding of Earth's environments and communities, observing their changes over time.
Sep 9.2024 Rotorua, New Zealand


This will be a conference you don't want to miss! You will experience the manaakitanga (hospitality) of the people of Aotearoa and the unique geothermal landscape and scenery Rotorua is famous for. Equally important as the location will be the opportunity to attend stimulating presentations demonstrating new tools and technologies that drive the science forward.
Sep 10.2024 National STEM Centre, York, UK

UK National Earth Observation Conference

The goal is to host a conference that brings together a substantial representation of the UK Earth Observation and photogrammetry community from research, government, and industry. These groups are engaged in shaping the conference content, designing sessions that cover every facet of Earth Observation – science, technology, and applications.
Sep 11.2024 Glasgow, UK

Space-Comm Scotland

Space-Comm Expo Scotland at SEC Glasgow is the new catalyst for one of the world’s leading space nations at the forefront of the UK’s global ambitions.
Sep 16.2024 Edinburgh, UK

SPIE Remote Sensing

This Remote Sensing conference brings together experts to discuss the latest advancements in various areas, including agriculture, ecosystems, and hydrology, as well as ocean, sea ice, and large water regions. Attendees will explore innovations in sensors, systems, and satellites, and uncover the remote sensing of clouds, the atmosphere, and environmental effects on light propagation. Sessions will cover microwave remote sensing, AI for image and signal processing, GIS applications, and emerging technologies in urban environments. The conference aims to foster collaboration and drive innovation in these fields.
Sep 16.2024 Paris, France

World Satellite Business Week

The World Space Business Week – the leading global business space event – brings together 1,600 decision makers under the same roof for a week of deal-making and intense discussions shaping the future of the industry.
Sep 16.2024 Frascati, Italy

URBIS24 – URBan Insights from Space

The URBIS24 Workshop will gather a diverse community of urban policymakers, Earth Observation researchers, service providers and various end-users. Taking place at ESA/ESRIN in Frascati, Italy, during September 16–18, 2024, this event will offer an insightful exploration of urban challenges and innovative EO-integrated solutions. URBIS24 will consist of presentations from invited speakers addressing key urban challenges and insights on latest results from experts leveraging Earth Observation for urban problem-solving and monitoring. The workshop is designed to be dynamic and participatory, featuring interactive sessions to identify the pressing needs and priorities of urban experts and decision-makers. Through collaborative discussions, the goal is to map existing innovative methodologies and technological solutions while exploring new applications for further development. The workshop will also include a poster session, providing a platform for participants to showcase their projects and use cases, fostering networking and exchange of ideas. Join us at URBIS24 to stay informed about the latest developments in urban monitoring and innovation from space and contribute to shaping the next steps.
Sep 23.2024 Frascati, Italy

EO for Africa Symposium 2024

ESA, in partnership with several organizations, will hold the 2024 EO for Africa Symposium from September 23 to 26, 2024, at ESA-ESRIN in Frascati, Italy. This event aims to strengthen Africa-Europe Earth Observation (EO) collaborations, guided by the AFRICA Initiative, to enhance sustainable adoption of EO technology in Africa. ESA invites all interested parties to submit abstracts and participate.
Sep 23.2024 Hangzhou, China

GEO Symposium and ODOK Workshop

The 2024 GEO Symposium and Open Data & Open Knowledge Workshop (ODOK) will be held in Hangzhou, China from 23 to 26 September 2024. Under the theme ‘From Vision to Action: Crafting GEO’s Post 2025 Implementation Plan’, the Symposium and ODOK will focus on translating the GEO Post-2025 Strategy into a detailed and costed Implementation Plan.
Oct 1.2024 Boulder, USA

SatCamp 2024

SatCamp is a new geospatial event focused on meaningful conversation, connection, and collaboration.
Oct 7.2024 Portland, ME, USA

GIS-Pro 2024

Organized by URISA, GIS-Pro 2024 serves as a key gathering for GIS professionals looking to enhance their skills, network, and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the GIS field. The event focuses on workshops, training sessions, and presentations by industry experts.
Oct 14.2024 Milan, Italy

IAC 2024

The 75th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), scheduled for 14-18 October 2024, will see the arrival in Milan of over 8,000 experts from industry, research and the institutions and place Italy at the heart of the international debate on the use of Space to support sustainability.
Oct 21.2024 Birmingham, UK

International Conference on Geomatics, Disasters Management and Remote Sensing (ICGDMRS-24)

The International Conference on Geomatics, Disaster Management, and Remote Sensing offers a platform to discuss the history, current state, and future of interdisciplinary fields. It brings together scholars, students, and professionals globally to explore trending topics, build networks, and discover new areas of interest.
Oct 22.2024 Palm Springs, CA, USA

Esri Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference

The 2024 Esri Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference, scheduled for October 22–24 in Palm Springs, CA, is an event for professionals in infrastructure management across various industries to explore the sustainable and connected future through GIS technology. Participants will have opportunities to present their success stories, share valuable GIS insights, and engage with industry leaders and decision-makers​
Nov 12.2024 Berlin, Germany

Esri European Developer Summit

For developers, by developers. Join the developer community for the Esri European Developer Summit. Learn to build cutting-edge apps using advanced mapping technology. Explore training led by Esri developers including pre-conference workshops, technical sessions, and development best practices.
Nov 18.2024 Tunis, Tunisia

The 16th International congress on Geomatics & Geographic Artificial Intelligence Applications (Geo-Tunis 2024)

The 16th International Conference on Geomatics and Geographic Artificial Intelligence, known as Geo-Tunis, will take place in Hammamet, Tunisia, from November 18th to 22nd, 2024. Organized by the Tunisian Association of Digital Geography in partnership with several international scientific bodies, this event will focus on various themes such as smart cities, natural resources, and digital geography, offering workshops, training, and symposiums to foster knowledge exchange in geographic information systems.
Nov 19.2024 Bremen, Germany

SpaceTechExpo Europe

Welcome to Space Tech Expo Europe, the premier gathering for space professionals across the continent. Get ready to ignite your network, engage with top industry players, and discover the latest advancements in one convenient location. Join us for an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your expertise and forge meaningful connections in the dynamic world of space technology.
Nov 20.2024 All world

GIS Day 2024

GIS Day is a worldwide event that celebrates the technology of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Ralph Nader inspired GIS Day as a day for geography awareness.
Past events
May 16.2024 Washington, DC

SatSummit 2024

SatSummit convenes leaders in the satellite industry and experts in global development for 2 days of presentations and in-depth conversations on solving the world's most critical development challenges with satellite data.
May 14.2024 Leipzig, Germany

International Conference on Satellite Imagery and GIS Geography (ICSIGISG-24)

The main purpose of International Conference on Satellite Imagery and GIS Geography is to bring industry professionals, experts, academicians, and scholars to discuss their expertise for better collaboration in the field.
May 14.2024 Bern, Switzerland

Coastal Blue Carbon from Space

The objective of the Forum is to bring together Coastal Blue Carbon experts from different fields (remote sensing, in-situ, modelling), relevant stakeholders (e.g. Governments, Investors, NGOs, Communities,…) and international initiatives (e.g., the Blue Carbon Initiative, the Global Carbon Projects, the IPCC,..) to discuss the state of the art, challenges and opportunities regarding the use of satellite observation to advance key Blue Carbon priority topics including:
May 13.2024 Frascati, Italy


The overall goal of the event is to gather the community in order to present the state of the art and identify main EO research challenges in supporting sustainable agriculture under pressure.
May 13.2024 Rotterdam, Germany

Geospatial Wold Forum

Geospatial World Forum (GWF) is a collaborative and interactive platform that demonstrates the collective and shared vision of the global geospatial community. GWF is an annual gathering of geospatial professionals and leaders representing the entire ecosystem of public policies, national mapping agencies, private sector enterprises, multilateral and development organizations, scientific and academic institutions, and large end-users from government businesses and citizen services.
May 10.2024 Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Annual Monterey Bay Marine GIS User Group

The Monterey Bay Marine GIS User Group supports GIS training, capacity building and increased awareness of marine spatial data sets among the broader GIS science community in Monterey Bay. Started in January 2012, the group aims to foster collaboration among academic, private, state and federal agencies and nongovernmental organizations in the Monterey Bay marine GIS science community.
May 7.2024 Frascati, Italy

Machine Learning for Earth System Observation and Prediction

The workshop aims to explore the fusion of traditional ESOP techniques with machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) methods. It seeks to showcase the impact achieved through this fusion, while also addressing the remaining challenges that need further exploration. The presenters will show their contributions to this field and engage the attendees in discussions to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject. The workshop strongly welcomes industry to demonstrate their commercial lenses for ML4ESOP applications.
May 5.2024 Orlando, USA


The importance of geospatial intelligence at this year's Symposium! The theme, "GEOINT 2024: Essential in All Dimensions and Domains," highlights the role of geospatial intelligence in providing decision-making advantages in today's fast-paced technological and geopolitical environment. From space to deep seas, and cyberspace to urban landscapes, we'll explore how GEOINT leads the way in understanding and influencing our world.
Mar 27.2024 Online

Bad Addresses Are Expensive: An Introduction to Geo Addressing

Join our Community Meetup to explore the importance and challenges of accurate geo-addressing. This session will highlight the significant impacts of address inaccuracies on global logistics, insurance, and beyond. Discover the critical role of geo-addressing in our interconnected world and how emerging technologies, like Precisely ID, promise to enhance global connectivity and efficiency. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about innovative solutions and contribute to improving global address accuracy.
Mar 6.2024 Singapore

GEO Connect Asia 2024

The Geo Connect Asia Show and Conference has scaled up from its launch to become the regional meeting place for the fast expanding geospatial, positioning, digital construction andremote sensing markets.