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The Geo Geek Gift Guide: 10 Christmas ideas for the geo geek in your life

From children and parents to friends and cousins: so many of us know someone who would love a geo-themed gift. Whether you’d like to treat a friend or even yourself, we’ve put together 10 gift ideas for your loved ones this festive season. 

We’ve picked small businesses and charities to support where possible and covered stores around the world, so hopefully you can find something special wherever you are.

Enjoy finding something they’ll love this Christmas and beyond!

The Geo Geek Gift Guide: 10 Christmas ideas for the geo geek in your life

  1. One Earth tote Bag: £12, Crisis #endhomelessnesstoday
  2. Night sky kaleidoscope: £4.95, Rex London
  3. Dear Earth Children’s Book: £6.99, John Lewis & Partners
  4.  Planet Earth socks: £12, Woodstock
  5. Earth and Space 100 Postcards: 21.99€, Thalia
  6.  National Geographic silver globe: 110€, Thalia
  7.  Map of the world wooden heirloom puzzle: 148.72€, Etsy
  8. NASA Satellite image of Earth at night poster: 24.11€, Etsy
  9. Multifunctional compass: 43.51€, Amazon
  10. Personalized candle with coordinates: 16€, Etsy

In conclusion, this list of geospatial-themed Christmas gifts offers something for everyone, from practical and stylish items like tote bags and socks to educational and decorative pieces such as books, globes, and posters. Each gift not only celebrates the beauty and wonder of our planet and space but also caters to various interests and age groups. Whether you’re looking to inspire a child’s curiosity, add a unique touch to a home, or equip an adventurer, these gifts are sure to delight and inspire the geo geek in your life. With thoughtful and diverse options, you’re bound to find the perfect present that captures the essence of exploration and appreciation for our world and beyond.

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Deadline Extension: Nominations for the Global Top 100 Geospatial Companies of 2024 Now Accepted Until January 15th

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We understand that many exceptional geospatial companies have been working diligently to showcase their innovations, contributions, and expertise in the field. To ensure that all deserving companies have the opportunity to be recognized for their outstanding achievements, we have extended the deadline to provide ample time for submissions and to ensure a smoother holiday period.

The “Global Top 100 Geospatial Companies” ranking aims to highlight and celebrate the leading companies that have made significant strides in the geospatial industry. Whether your company specializes in GIS, remote sensing, mapping, location-based services, or any other geospatial technology or service, this is your chance to be recognized on a global stage.

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3. Submit Supporting Materials: You can also provide supporting documents, case studies, or testimonials to bolster your nomination in the membership and awards section of the nomination form and showcase your company’s achievements further.

4. Review and Confirmation: Double-check your nomination to ensure accuracy and completeness, then click the submit button. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful submission.

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your company’s excellence in the geospatial field. Whether you’re a small startup making waves or an established industry leader, we welcome all geospatial companies to participate. We encourage all geospatial companies to take advantage of this extension and submit their nominations by January 15th, 2024. Your company could be among the top 100 geospatial companies globally, so don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to gain well-deserved recognition.

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