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#GeoawesomeQuiz 16

Welcome to our 16th GeoawesomeQuiz! Have you already tested your geo-knowledge with our previous quizzes? Remember to share your score with the world at the end of the quiz!

Interactive map of London from… XVI century

Old maps are awesome. They bring us back to times where cartographers were not engineers but artists. Each map from middle ages is a work of art. One of the best know English map maker from medieval times is Ralph Agas 1540 – 1629 a land surveyor with

Nokia wants to sell its mapping division HERE

One year after selling its mobile phone division to Microsoft, Bloomberg Business reports that Nokia is planning to sell its mapping department HERE. The article claims that the Finnish company wants to sell HERE to focus on its wireless-networking business. This is supposed to improve Nokia’s debt and boost its rating from junk status.

#GeoawesomeQuiz 15

Welcome to our GeoawesomeQuiz number 15! Join thousands of Geo Geeks from all around the world who test their Geo-knowledge every week. Every Friday we publish a new test. We don’t promise it will be easy:). Remember to share your results on Facebook or Twitter!

#GeoawesomeQuiz 14

Geo-geeks from all over the world! We’ve got already the 14th week of the year which means the 10th GeoawesomeQuiz! Remember to share you score with the World!
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