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JavaScript for Geospatial applications: An Overview

JavaScript has formed a strong relationship with the Geospatial world (WebGIS, in a manner that is reminiscent of the relationship between Python and Desktop GIS. JavaScript is often regarded as more of a scripting language than a full-fledged object oriented language but I must admit it

Egyptian pyramids captured on Google Street View

One of the last surviving wonder of the ancient world has been captured by Google team using the famous Google Trekker backpack which allows for capturing places with are not accessible with a car. Google Street View team captured the amazing, 139 meter high Great Pyramid in Giza, built 3,800 years

Humanity’s cultural history captured in 5-minute video map

Browsing through the web I found a really interesting project created by Maximilian Schich and his colleagues from art history department at the University of Texas at Dallas. They used the Google-owned knowledge base called Freebase to find 120,000 individuals who were notable enough in their life-times that the dates and

Mission failures

In her last article, Rohini reported on the failured orbit injection of two Galileo satellites. I came across the same news at the end of last week and remained surprised of this unexpected information. My curiousness induced me to inquire about similar incidents, not at least owing

Geography is Broad

This is the second concept of what geography is. Geography is broad. How broad do you say? Consider this. Geography can be described as having two subfields: Human geography and physical geography. In addition to have two subfields, geography has many branches: Physical geography, human geography, integrated