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A simple Collection of Some Cool GeoTools Useful for GeoGeeks!

  Name Description User-Friendliness Costs URL Generate & collect geodata Python Programming language (ideal for scraping) medium free kimonify Scraping tool simple free OutWit Hub Scraping tool medium free Tabula Extract data from.pdf-files simple free OpenPaths GPS-Tracking for Smartphones simple free Google

U.S.A. and it’s territories – Explained

United States of America (U.S.A.), is now one of the most-desirable destinations for the people who look forward to excel in educational, professional and in various other aspects which is also best-known for Inventiveness & Innovations, Freedom of Speech, cultural diversity, Grassroots activism, Sports ect. As most

Geography Of The Home

There is one place many people never consider the spatial attributes of geography. When one thinks about it, this should be the first place one considers it. One’s home should be a place where spatial attributes are explored. While some might consider the logistics of trying to

Google buys satellite startup Skybox for $500m

Yesterday Google confirmed it has purchased satellite start-up Skybox Imaging for $500m. Founded in 2009, Skybox’s satellites offer images and video clips at a resolution of around 1m per pixel – which can track single cars travelling along a road. The firm sent its first high-resolution satellite, SkySat-1,

Apple’s iOS8 silent war against location tracking

The truth is that our location is being constantly tracked… By NSA, by Google, Facebook, Foursquare, by governments, marketeers and location analytics firms. Companies like Path Intelligence and Euclid Analytics collect the presence of our mobile devices, its signal strength, its manufacturer and a MAC address (a unique identification number