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Student Applications for Summer of Maps is Open

**Before we get too excited, this opportunity is only open to students in the United States :( Summer of Maps is an opportunity for students to apply their skills in geospatial analysis to help a non-profit organization. They set students up with a mentor from the field to

#GeoawesomeQuiz 9

Welcome to the 9th GeoawesomeQuiz! This week we promise it won’t be easy. Remember to take quizzes from the previous weeks. Have fun!

HERE adds indoor maps to its Android app

Few months ago we’ve reported that HERE launched its beta version of the Android app. Two months later it had been downloaded 3 million times, which is a quite an achievement. Off course the number doesn’t really mean that all 3 million users are actively using the app. I’ve downloaded

Weather duopoly. America divided by temperature anomalies.

  Truly amazing weather anomalies are happening this winter season in the US. While the East part of the country experiences temperatures on average 10-15˚F colder, the western states observe unusual warmth. Pellston, MI was the coldest place in America last Friday, with temperatures as low as -35˚F. Palm Springs, CA on

Learn Cartography for Free

Cartographic design is something I see being overlooked quite often. Maps contain so much information; they can tell us a story, understand the world better, and help us make better decisions. Most of it seems straight forward, and with the development of new technologies, practically anybody can

JavaScript for Geospatial: Getting Started

JavaScript is constantly ranked as the number uno programming language by several organizations and research groups. Regardless of whether you believe in such “rankings” and the methodology behind such experiments, if you are interested in developing WebGIS applications you need JavaScript, which makes it an interesting programming language

#GeoawesomeQuiz 8

Welcome to our 8th GeoawesomeQuiz! Have you already tested your geo-knowledge with our previous quizzes? This week the Quiz is even more challenging. Have fun!

365 Maps With MapCarte

The ICA Commision on Map Design has obtained, analyzed, and shared 365 different maps. In the individual blog posts, Ken Field goes into detail to discuss the design and purpose of the maps. Only a handful of them are geographic maps, while many also serve as infographics to

OpenStreetMap launched routing

OpenStreetMap is an amazing project. It gathered a community of dedicated cartographers from all around the world, who voluntarily create and openly share the spatial data to the public. And it many cases OSM does it much better than Google and other commercial maps providers. Starting this

The Unofficial Game of Thrones Map

For us geo-nerds, it is important to visualise where events are happening when we read about them. It is especially easy to get disoriented when we are reading about a fictional world that we have ju st immersed ourselves into. Sure, you can always flip to the