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Google maps will soon work offline as well

Google I/O 2015 is now underway and the company has announced a lot of cool things – a new operating system for Internet of Things – Brillo, Contextual searches inside apps – Now for Tap, not to forget the next version of Android – Android M and

Geodesign- a Fusion of Geo-data in Harmony with Design

In the fields of landscape architecture and planning, leading practitioners are tying together the power of GIS to integrate geographic information right into the design process. Known as Geodesign, a term coined by Jack Dangermond, the CEO of ESRI Inc, this approach utilizes new technologies and web-based

Interactive map of rats in New York

Experts estimates that there are twice as much rats as people in New York city which makes it close to 20 million. It’s a real plague. The city started couple of initiatives to fight it. One of them included sharing the data from city’s 311 hotline on New

Police uses GPS to track credit card skimmers

Credit card skimming is a popular method for criminals to lift sensitive information from cards that have account information embedded on a magnetic stripe, or magstripe. The creativity of criminals for capturing your card’s data is huge. Typical skimming devices have ability to store card data, which is

#GeoawesomeQuiz 21 – The Skyscraper Challenge

Hi Geo-Geeks! This week we’ve got for you something cool – The Skyscraper Challenge.  Try to guest a city based on its skyscrapers. It might not be easy… Remember to share your score with the world! And to check out our other GeoawesomeQuizzes! THE SKYSCRAPER CHALLENGE Try to guess

noLocation app removes geotagging from iPhone photos

Geotagging of photos and other things on your smartphone allows you connect your virtual life with a physical world. It allows to you enhance your mobile experience and add context to photos which with time would be just another separated memory. Location allows you to put a photo

Interactive map guide to walking safely in NYC

If you live or visit a city like New York walking is one of pleasures the city gives you. Unfortunately it might be also dangerous.  In 2014 there were 11025 pedestrians injured and 133 killed in traffic collisions in NYC. Low firm Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek, which specializes in
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