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Mission failures

Rohini reported on the failured orbit injection of two Galileo satellites in her last article. I came across the same news at the end of last week and remained surprised of this unexpected information. My curiousness induced me to inquire about similar incidents, not at least owing

Geography is Broad

This is the second concept of what geography is. Geography is broad. How broad do you say? Consider this. Geography can be described as having two subfields: Human geography and physical geography. In addition to have two subfields, geography has many branches: Physical geography, human geography, integrated

Learning GIS programming: An overview

The diversity of programming languages and tools being used in the Geospatial industry today is truly staggering. Depending on what the position requires, one would be expected to have expertise in SQL, python, C++, Java or Javascript, Flex and PHP (just to name a few). Knowledge and

Geography, More Than You Think

Encouraging more people to take the subject of geography seriously. There are many misunderstandings regarding what geography is about. It seems like the one way to understand the subject is to actively seek it out. There need to be another way of showing the importance of geography.

Want to know where to dig in Mars?

Here you go! USGS has released their latest, most beautiful geologic maps of Mars, thanks to 16 years of continous data collection! Though Mars doesnt quite look habitable, it is the only other planet that falls within sun’s habitable zone. Humans have been studying the red planet

Remember Rosetta?

Ten years and a 4 billion mile journey! That’s what it took for Rosetta to hang out with a comet. Rosetta is a probe sent by the European Space Agency to orbit Churyumov-Gerasimenko (I know, how that feels!) or simply called as Comet 67P , the lucky comet