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#GeoawesomeQuiz 13

Welcome to the 13th GeoawesomeQuiz! Let’s hope that #13 will be lucky for you:). Remember to take quizzes from the previous weeks. Have fun!

#GeoawesomeQuiz 12

Welcome to our 12th GeoawesomeQuiz! Have you already tested your geo-knowledge with our previous quizzes? This week the Quiz is even more challenging. Have fun!

#GeoawesomeQuiz 11

Welcome to our GeoawesomeQuiz number 11! Join thousands of Geo Geeks from all around the world who test their Geo-knowledge every week. Every Friday we publish a new test. We don’t promise it will be easy… Are you accepting the challenge?

Smart Cities, GeoTagging and Geospatial Data Collection Apps

Smart Cities is one of the biggest technology trends of the year, more and more governments across the world are starting to understand the potential behind the concept and are beginning to invest in Public-Private partnerships to make Cities smarter and environmental friendly. While the idea behind