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ArcGIS 10.3 is out

The new release of ArcGIS 10.3 is out.  ESRI says “it is a major release that will help you discover, make, use, and share maps from any device, anywhere, at any time”. From the version ArcGIS 10.2 we no longer have 3 types of ArcMap licences: ArcInfo, ArcEditor

Map showing asteroid hits of past 20 years

Asteroids entering the Earth’s atmosphere are very frequent occurrences summiting around mid August when the Earth is crossing the meteor shower associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle, during the so called Perseids days. Entering the atmosphere asteroids disintegrate due to friction and would burn up if they are

This map reveals the directions of America’s rivers

Do you remember a visualization of city street grids color-coded by orientation? The effect was stunning. Andrew Hill, a biologist and cartographer at CartoDB, used a similar methodology to make map of orientation of America’s rivers. The map clearly shows the topography of the U.S. highlighting the biggest mountain ranges

Google Maps app will warn you about train delays in UK

Good news for anyone travelling home for Christmas in the UK. Google’s Maps app will now warn you about the delays and account for it when recommending a public transport route to its users. Google Maps has incorporated train timetables some tome ago, but pulling the data in real-time

TomTom Speed Cameras app arrives to Google Play store

TomTom released a new Android app which will help you to avoid paying speeding fines. This can be considered TomTom’s lite version of its premium navigation app. It features information about fix speed cameras and mobile cameras. All the data can be reported by the community of

Christmas gift? Check out custom-made map clothes

Data visualization specialist Rachel Binx has launched a new project that lets you buy a custom-made map clothes. Rachel created a website called Monochome which allows you to select any data from OpenStreetMap to become a stylish shirt, tank, or skirt. Really cool! HOW DOES IT WORK? First of all

Exploding The Myths of Mobile Location Security

When it comes to the internet, people can be very wary. Whether it be on mobile or web, the worry of entering personal details can often put people off from purchasing products, registering on sites, and downloading apps. But do we really have anything to be afraid