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This week the new Star Wars movie hits movie theatres around the world. Millions of geeks, including me, were waiting for that moment for the last decade. Will it be a great movie or just a short journey to back to our childhood? We’ll learn soon. But Star Wars is not all about the battle of light and dark side of the Force. It is also about maps… Maps of the Galaxy.

Other the last 2 decades we’ve seen several maps of the galaxy far, far away. Some of the good, some them even better. Today we’re bring the best of these maps to you in the chronological order.


The first map of the whole galaxy officially published with the release of Star Wars digital encyclopaedia Behind the Magic back in 1998
Galaxy map 1998 Behind the Magic digital encyclopedia


The second map was a part of Vector Prime novel published 1999. The map has been than reused in 2000s Balance Point novel.

Galaxy Map 1999 Vector Prime novel


In 2001 the Star Wars Gamer magazine got interested in the topic and published its own Galaxy map.

Galaxy map 2001 Star Wars Games magazine


In 2002 The Official Star Wars Fact File has been published with the following map.

Galaxy Map 2002 The Official Star Wars Fact File


The Star Wars New Essential Guide to Chronology contained a map updated for the Episode 3
Galaxy Map 2005 The Star Wars New Essential Guide to Chronology


Map of the Star Wars Galaxy compiled by “Modi” back in 2006


In 2007 W. R. van Hage independently published The Star Wars Map Of The Galaxy.



2009 brought a new cool map in the Star Wars – The Essential Atlas.

Galaxy Map 2009 The Essential Atlas Star Wars


On the first web interactive maps of the Galaxy based on CartoDB engine.
Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 22.52.36


Interactive map of the Galaxy which we’ve covered in Geoawesomeness in October 2015.


source: Tor,

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