The Geospatial Investor

Wil has a publication in The Journal of Spatial Information Science and has worked in the geospatial industry since 2011. He has been involved in industries such as oil and gas, powerlines, highways, communications, drainage networks, public transport and has a significant amount of experience in contaminated land. In terms of services and disciplines, he has experience in the contexts of project management consultancy, operations and maintenance, engineering design, software development and construction. In these industries and disciplines, Wil has produced deliverables such as software use case descriptions, web map apps, spatial databases, dashboards, automated reports, contaminant horizon surfaces and mobile data collectors. In the provision of these deliverables, Wil is fearlessly ethical, rigorous in applying standards, attends to the details, pursues the truth and demonstrates the capacity to be vulnerable. In aggregate, Wil has been involved in 3 UK highways projects, 2 Australian transmission line projects, 3 oil and gas projects (Australia and Kuwait) and two public transport software systems (Kuwait and Qatar). The largest project in terms of time (4.5 years) was a Kuwaiti contaminated land project worth £150m. The largest in terms of cost was A66, worth £1b. His experience has also covered smaller scale work, such as a Qatari journey planner worth £1m. A good demonstration of value delivered personally was a contaminated soil volume verification system which saved the Kuwait Oil Company £1.5m by flagging incorrect contractor calculations.