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Top 5 most futuristic drone application ideas that already exist

Drones are no longer just the domain of the military. They are already changing the way we deal with many problems and it seems that the possibilities are endless. In fact some of the futuristic drone inventions and technologies have been tested or are being tested as you read that post. Take a look:

Gas sniffing drones

Many of space technologies developed by NASA eventually find its way back to Earth. The sensor that was designed to detect methane in the atmosphere of Mars is now used as a tool to monitor gas pipelines.


Drones for building bridges

Researchers from Zürich programmed a fleet of quadcopters equipped with motorized spools of light-but-strong rope to build a walkable rope bridge that can support the weight of an adult human as they walk across it.

Flying ad sensors

Drones can be used for marketing purposes but not only to shoot commercials or carry around posters. In 2015 AdNear, a Singapore-based location-based marketing company tested a technology to intercept people cellular and Wi-Fi signals to determine users’ locations and send them targeted ads.

Adnear drone

Drones with 3D printers

Drones are already bringing a lot of value to the construction market but in the future they will be able to do even more. Researchers are already testing drones equipped with attached 3D printers that could scan and on-site 3D print replacement parts for damaged elements of infrastructure.


Drones with automated defibrillators

Drones and medicine goes well together. UAVs are being used to transport medicines but these days it could be already considered a low-tech solution. Drone robots of the future will carry a defibrillator and will react much faster than an ambulance.

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