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Foursquare Launches A Site For Valentine’s Lovers And Haters

Valentine's dayFoursquare rolled out a new viral site for all the lovers nad haters of the Valentine’s day and it’s pretty funny – Foursquare Dream Date:). The  site gives option to find a flower shop, a romantic spot or a candy shop. The results open up searches in Foursquare’s desktop version of Explore, which is available to anyone, whether they have a Foursquare account or not. But there is the ‘dark side’ of this website for all anti-Valentine folks. Instead of romantic spots, Foursquare will help them find Dive Bars, Whisky Bars or Martini Bars.

So what are planning for the Valentine’s day?



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Global Internet Map 2012 from TeleGeography

TeleGeography has published a revised version of their “Global Internet Map” and again it proves that map making is the art.  The map‘s global projection traces the intercontinental links between the countries of Europe, Asia, North and Latin America, and Africa. The is the interactive version as well. Just have a look at it:


source: http://datavisualization.ch

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