We could breach key limit set in Paris agreement by 2022

British scientists have released a jarring forecast which says global temperatures could reach 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels by 2022. If that happens, it would be a violation of the temperature guideline set out in the Paris climate agreement.

In 2015, at a summit in Paris, 200 nations had agreed to work toward keeping the world’s average surface temperature well below 2°C, setting 1.5°C as the aspirational ceiling. But according to the UK Met Office, the annual global average temperature is poised to exceed 1°C in the next five years. And there’s a 10% chance that at least one of these years (2018-2022) could see temperature reach 1.5 °C above pre-industrial times of 1850-1990.

climate change

Black, observed temperatures; blue, probable range from decadal forecasts; red, retrospective forecasts; green, climate simulations of the 20th Century. (Courtesy: UK Met Office)

“Given we’ve seen global average temperatures around 1°C above pre-industrial levels over the last three years, it is now possible that continued warming from greenhouse gases along with natural variability could combine so we temporarily exceed 1.5°C in the next five years,” warns Prof Stephen Belcher, Chief Scientist, UK Met Office.

To be more precise, the scientists expect the global average temperature to hover between 0.96°C and 1.54°C during the next five years. Spatial patterns have indicated likely enhanced warming over much of the globe, especially land areas at high northern latitudes.

This report paints an even grimmer picture than the one sketched by a recent draft UN report. A panel of experts at the United Nations is convinced that with the present pace of global warming and the plans put forth by nations to limit their greenhouse gas emissions, average temperatures will reach 1.5°C by the 2040s.

Why is the 1.5°C temperature limit important?

Why 1.5°C has been set as the danger level in the fight against climate change is because, beyond that mark, it would become impossible to save the 29 coral reefs on UNESCO’s World Heritage List which are facing existential threats. These globally significant reefs have a combined social, cultural and economic value of $1 trillion.

Limited global temperatures to 1.5°C is also important to safeguard people against extreme weathers like heat waves, droughts and floods. It will also keep a check on the rising sea levels from the ice melt in Greenland and West Antarctica.

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The maps and charts below try to capture an essence of this fantastic event.

1. Super Bowl host cities 1967-2015

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2. Map of NFL Fandom

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2015 XLIX New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks 28-24 Arizona
2014 XLVIII Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos 43-8 New jersey
2013 XLVII Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers 34-31 New Orleans
2012 XLVI New York Giants New England Patriots 21-17 Indianapolis
2011 XLV Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 Texas
2010 XLIV New Orleans Saints Indianapolis Colts 31-17 Miami
2009 XLIII Pittsburgh Steelers Arizona Cardinals 27-23 Tampa
2008  XLII  New York Giants New England Patriots 17-14 Arizona
2007  XLI Indianapolis Colts Chicago Bears 29-17 Miami
2006  XL  Pittsburgh Seattle 21-10 Detroit
2005  XXXIX  New England Philadelphia 24-21 Jacksonville
2004 XXXVIII New England Carolina 32-29 Houston
2003 XXXVII Tampa Bay Oakland 48-21 San Diego
2002 XXXVI New England St Louis 20-17 New Orleans
2001 XXXV Baltimore NY Giants 34-7 Tampa
2000 XXXIV St Louis Tennessee 23-16 Atlanta
1999 XXXIII Denver Atlanta 34-19 Miami
1998 XXXII Denver Green Bay 31-24 San Diego
1997 XXXI Green Bay New England 35-21 N Orleans
1996 XXX Dallas Pittsburgh 27-17 Tempe
1995 XXIX San Francisco San Diego 49-26 Miami
1994 XXVIII Dallas Buffalo 30-13 Atlanta
1993 XXVII Dallas Buffalo 53-17 Pasadena
1992 XXVI Washington Buffalo 37-24 Minneapolis
1991 XXV NY Giants Buffalo 20-19 Tampa
1990 XXIV San Francisco Denver 55-10 N Orleans
1989 XXIII San Francisco Cincinnati 20-16 Miami
1988 XXII Washington Denver 42-10 San Diego
1987 XXI NY Giants Denver 39-20 Pasadena
1986 XX Chicago New England 46-10 N Orleans
1985 XIX San Francisco Miami 38-16 Stanford
1984 XVIII LA Raiders Washington 38-9 Tampa
1983 XVII Washington Miami 27-17 Pasadena
1982 XVI San Francisco Cincinnati 26-21 Pontiac
1981 XV Oakland Philadelphia 27-10 N Orleans
1980 XIV Pittsburgh LA Rams 31-19 Pasadena
1979 XIII Pittsburgh Dallas 35-31 Miami
1978 XII Dallas Denver 27-10 N Orleans
1977 XI Oakland Minnesota 32-14 Pasadena
1976 X Pittsburgh Dallas 21-17 Miami
1975 IX Pittsburgh Minnesota 16-6 N Orleans
1974 VIII Miami Minnesota 24-7 Houston
1973 VII Miami Washington 14-7 Los Angeles
1972 VI Dallas Miami 24-3 N Orleans
1971 V Baltimore Dallas 16-13 Miami
1970 IV Kansas City Minnesota 23-7 N Orleans
1969 III NY Jets Baltimore 16-7 Miami
1968 II Green Bay Oakland 33-14 Miami
1967 I Green Bay Kansas City 35-10  Los Angeles

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