Updated iOS and Android Foursquare Apps Let You ‘Check In’ Friends


check-in-friends-stepsWhen you’re out with friends and you ‘check-in’ on Facebook at a location there was always a possibility that you could say which FB friends are with you. Today this feature arrives to Foursquare.

When you want to check-in you will notice ‘I’m with’ option below check-in box in the app that lets users add their friends by choosing their names from a list. After that, the friends will get a notification asking for permission to let the user check them in. If they approve, they’ll also get checked in otherwise their names would just appear as a mention. Now the most important update: if the user’s friends approve the permission once, the user will be able to check them in even in the future without requiring another approval. Each user will be able to delete every check-ins later on.

It seems that the trend is pretty clear – automated check-ins. This happened before with American Express and Foursquare – once you’ve paid with a connected credit carded your location was automatically broadcast on 4sq. Well… you cannot blame 4sq – check-ins are they greatest asset for Big Data analysis. The question is whether his is already one step too far or not…

What do you think?

source: Foursquare

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