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Turn OpenStreetMap into futuristic, Sci-Fi visualisation

Neon, 3D buildings and a glowing street grid… In the 80s/90s when I spent long hours in front of Amiga I would consider it the best map in the world!

This retro-futuristic cartographic concept has been created with a use of Tangram engine developed by New York based start-up Mapzen. The engine transforms OpenStreetMap into a mosaic of glowing blue buildings populated with an endless flow of yellow traffic dots. You simply must visit the real thing and zoom around to see the movement in action.

By default the map shows lower Manhattan but you can zoom out and browse through urban grids around the world. This might be however quite tricky so you can just substitute your city’s coordinates for the default coordinates at the of the URL.

Tangram is an open-source 3-D mapping system so you might want implement it in your mapping projects. Definitely Geoawesome!

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#Business #Featured
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PIVOT App: Experience how your location looked in the past

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions Augmented reality? Something on the lines of a futuristic image of your surrounding with information overlay from several different sensors, is what I visualized in my mind. Kind of like what we are used to seeing in Iron Man movies.

Interestingly, the creators, Asma Jaber and Sami Jitan behind this cool app “PIVOT“, wanted to utilize augmented reality to showcase how a place looked like in the past.

PIVOT is an app that lets you see what a place looked like in the past and digitally streamlines the preservation of culture & history! – Asma Jaber on their Kickstarter page


In an increasingly fast-paced world, its amazing to see how technology can provide a historical and cultural reference and help experience the history of the place. Its an interesting application for Geotagging and Augmented reality.

Thanks to 228 backers who pledged a total of $33,689, bringing this project to life on Kickstarter, All We would have to do now, is to wait until fall to get our hands on this cool app which is going to initially focus on Historic Palestine (Palestine/Israel). Here’s their story.

pivot_storyPIVOT’s goal is to be a high quality, widely used open-sourced platform that enables everyday users to streamline digital cultural preservation in the places they know best. – PIVOT

PIVOT is a crowdfunded project that would utilize open source data online archives before starting to utilize a heavily moderated crowd sourcing mechanism to source their data, to visualize the cultural and historic past of different places. I wonder if the app would work under an open-source license as well.

Interesting in beta testing the app? Here’s the link.

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