Top 5 most famous people who studied geography or were geographers


Geography is a great discipline of science. It helps us understand the natural world and how we, as humans, affect it. A famous saying says that “Geography is what geographers do”… Take a look at the famous top geography majors that did something else…

1Michael Jordan

Before Michael Jordan became the greatest player in the history of NBA, he graduated with a degree in geography from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 1986.

2Prince William

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, studied geography at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland having switched from studying the history of art. Good choice!

3Mother Teresa

Blessed Mother Teresa (1910-1997), was not exactly a student of geography but she taught geography at covenant schools in Kolkata, India before she founded the Missionaries of Charity.

4Augusto Pinochet

Augusto Pinochet (1915-2006) the former dictator of Chile is well knows as geographer. He actually wrote a few books on geopolitics, geography.

5Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) is one of the greatest philosophers of all times. He is also a well-known geography scholar and lecturer.

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  1. It’s wonderful to read that a thieving Albanian dwarf who’s goal was to have people suffer (Theresa) and Pinochet studied geography.


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