Strava fitness app shows 100m runs and rides on a single map


Strava Geoawesomeness

Strava is a San Francisco-based start-up founded in 2009. It offers cycling and running tracking apps for multiple platforms. Although Strava works in a similar way to Endomondo and other fitness tracking apps, it managed to gather relatively large community. While they won’t reveal how many people use the app, they claim to be tracking over 1 million activities per week around the world. Not bad.


Similarily to Foursqaure guys at Strava seem to be understanding that their value is not only the app itself but also the data generated by its users. While Foursquare with 40 mln user base shifted its business towards Big Data, Strava has just started to explore this area offering a data service for city planners and departments of transportation which usually lack data about cycling and pedestrian route preferences.


With having this in mind Strava released a really cool heatmap of global 77,688,848 rides and 19,660,163 runs. The map is based on Google Maps API. You can browse the data from all around the world, so you can also check your neighbourhood. In fact what you see is over 220,000,000,000 GPS data points displayed on a single map.

Strava Warsaw Geoawesomeness

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