Share Your Insights: Geoawesomeness is Looking for Contributing Writers
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Share Your Insights: Geoawesomeness is Looking for Contributing Writers

Share Your Insights! Geoawesomeness is looking for new volunteer contributors to join our team! We’re not looking for professional writers, we’re looking for people. Geoawesomeness is a community platform and media organization focused on location technology and everything awesome about it. We are building an open community that everybody is able to join, contribute towards and feel heard.

That’s why our team is looking for people with unique voices and perspectives. We’re not interested in perfect prose, great grammar or spelling. We want to hear what you have to say. 

Our ethos revolves around creating a community that both reads stories by and writes for the community. Whether it’s your take on open geospatial data, what you’ve learned from working in geospatial organizations, or where the evolution of earth observation technologies is taking us—we want to hear it. Tell us about the biggest challenges you’ve faced in the industry, the needs you’d consider important and the thoughts you’ve had about a topic you care about. Geoawesomeness is all about sparking discussions and creating conversations that matter.

In 2024, we’re dedicating each month to a specific theme, but are open to articles beyond these areas and your insights too:

  • January: Bringing space data down to earth
  • February: The importance of real-time geospatial data
  • March: Sustainable agriculture using geospatial intelligence
  • April: Trends and developments in the industry
  • May Geospatial support for humanitarian aid
  • June: The emergence of 3D geospatial data visualization and augmented reality (AR)
  • July: Marine geospatial data and ocean conservation
  • August: Drones and other UAVs in geospatial data collection
  • September: Expanding lidar capabilities and uses
  • October: The revolution of BIM technology and the use of digital twins
  • November: Geospatial for climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • December: Looking back at 2024 and ahead to 2025

Don’t worry if you’ve got an article idea or draft that falls outside of these months or themes – we’re open to all ideas and can publish your article at any point. As a contributor, you’ll be supported by our editorial team every step of the way and have the freedom to pitch topics, spotlight changemakers and express your voice. 

No matter your background, writing skills or geospatial experience, we encourage and welcome you to bring your viewpoint to the table. At Geoawesomeness, we are united by our belief in the power of location technology to transform the world for the better. 

If you or someone you know is interested in writing, please email with the subject line: Geoawesomeness Contributor and the following details:

  • 3-5 lines about yourself and your connection to the geospatial and EO community
  • The topic(s) you’d like to write about and why
  • Either an article pitch or if already written, a draft article of 500-1000 words

Looking forward to receiving your ideas and insights for all things geospatial in 2024!


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The Geo Geek Gift Guide: 10 Christmas ideas for the geo geek in your life

From children and parents to friends and cousins: so many of us know someone who would love a geo-themed gift. Whether you’d like to treat a friend or even yourself, we’ve put together 10 gift ideas for your loved ones this festive season. 

We’ve picked small businesses and charities to support where possible and covered stores around the world, so hopefully you can find something special wherever you are.

Enjoy finding something they’ll love this Christmas and beyond!

The Geo Geek Gift Guide: 10 Christmas ideas for the geo geek in your life

  1. One Earth tote Bag: £12, Crisis #endhomelessnesstoday
  2. Night sky kaleidoscope: £4.95, Rex London
  3. Dear Earth Children’s Book: £6.99, John Lewis & Partners
  4.  Planet Earth socks: £12, Woodstock
  5. Earth and Space 100 Postcards: 21.99€, Thalia
  6.  National Geographic silver globe: 110€, Thalia
  7.  Map of the world wooden heirloom puzzle: 148.72€, Etsy
  8. NASA Satellite image of Earth at night poster: 24.11€, Etsy
  9. Multifunctional compass: 43.51€, Amazon
  10. Personalized candle with coordinates: 16€, Etsy

In conclusion, this list of geospatial-themed Christmas gifts offers something for everyone, from practical and stylish items like tote bags and socks to educational and decorative pieces such as books, globes, and posters. Each gift not only celebrates the beauty and wonder of our planet and space but also caters to various interests and age groups. Whether you’re looking to inspire a child’s curiosity, add a unique touch to a home, or equip an adventurer, these gifts are sure to delight and inspire the geo geek in your life. With thoughtful and diverse options, you’re bound to find the perfect present that captures the essence of exploration and appreciation for our world and beyond.

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