Russia declassifies Earth-sensing data from its civilian satellites


japan-9-20-12-mt-fuji-digitalglobe-satellite-imageThe Russian government announced it will provide public access to previously classified Earth-sensing data received from domestic and foreign satellites. A statement posted on governmental legal database portal says:

The Earth-sensing data received from civilian domestic and foreign satellites are no longer considered state secrets and it will be open to public access in line with the Russian legislation.

Similar restrictions have been loosen around the world. In June 2014 the US government allowed for civic usage of satellite images containing more details. Previous restrictions stopped images with pixels smaller than 50 cm (1.64 feet).  In case of US the change has been pushed by Digital Globe which is planning to launch satellites allowing to capture images with much higher resolution. I’m wondering who and why was lobbing for this legislation changes in Russia? Any ideas?

source: Sputnik news

Aleks Buczkowski
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