This mesmerizing map shows real-time hack attacks around the world


We do not live in times of peace. Although we don’t witness it the global cyber war is raging on. Norse Corp one of the leading cyber security firms developed an interactive map that shows just how serious it has become.

This mesmerizing map is hypnotic. If you watch long enough, the map will explode with colors, as mass-hack attacks blast across the globe. The tables below the map show the country of origin and target, attacks types and the real-time list of attacks.

What’s striking is that the map represents a tiny fraction of the full list of attacks. Norse is showing us only a small sample of its data, and still, you can easily see when massive, targeted and well-organized strikes happen mainly in the US and China.

This map is very scary as it makes you realize that we live in the times of war. Cyber war.

SOURCEMap Norse Corp
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  1. While I was watching, I saw that many of the attacks were coming from Microsoft, and I think they were attacking De Kalb Junction. Are you sure these are attacks?

    • Well… you can never be sure these days;) but it’s true Microsoft is indeed listed as a main attacker… We’ll reach out to Norse Corp to get their feedback on that one.


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