Map of all Oscar winning movie sets


The last weekend of February means that it’s the Oscar Sunday. For GeoGeeks movies are not only about the suspense and story line but also about geographies. The map created by Victor van Werkhooven, Dutch photographer and designer, shows the settings of all of the films that won Best Picture at the Academy Awards between 1929, the year the Oscar was first awarded, and 2013. The author comments on how to identify the main location of the movie:

“What constitutes the “main” location of a film is very much arbitrary, and is based on either personal viewing experience or whatever IMDb or Wikipedia claims. If 60% or more of a film is set in one area, that’s the area that gets the label. If no area can claim that amount of screen time, I’m going for whichever area has the most significant impact on the plot, or is the one most people will remember the film for (again: very much arbitrary).”

What is clear looking at the map is that Academy Awards are extremely biased towards the USA and Europe. No Best Picture Oscar has been ever given to a movie made in South America and Australia. On the other hand New York is the city with definitely most of the winning films.

Enjoy the Oscar ceremony tonight!

SOURCEVictor Van Werkhooven
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