You can now add video reviews to Google Maps


How to add videos to Google Maps

Earlier this year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed how Google Maps is on its way to becoming the company’s next billion-dollar business. One of the ways to that end would be to suggest to the 1 billion users of Maps the places they could visit, recommend restaurants, and so on. The newest update to Google Maps, which was quietly launched a few weeks ago, seems to be a significant step in that direction.

Google is allowing its Local Guides to add videos to business listings to help users decide whether want to visit that place or not. Think of a mini-tour of a popular store, or an Italian chef showing-off their chops in an open kitchen… Why, the feature can even be used to do a quick review of a place where the Local Guides can share tips or offer their recommendations to potential visitors. Or a local business can leverage the new motion capabilities of Maps to highlight their own products.

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Currently, only Android users can upload videos to Google Maps by holding the shutter button they would usually tap to take a picture. But the uploaded videos are visible on all platforms.

Now, since Google doesn’t want its Maps users to be bombarded with long-winded store tours or review, it has kept a cap on the video length. If you want to capture the action happening around you in a new video, Maps would let you do that for up to 10 seconds. However, you can pre-record a video of up to 30 seconds first and then upload it directly to Google Maps.

If you’re a Local Guide, you get 7 points for each new video you upload! Though we wouldn’t be surprised if local business owners start getting professionally-shot videos uploaded to Maps to attract the maximum footfall.

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