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Google enables you to build your own street view

Google Street View, as everyone knows, provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world. It was launched way back in 2007, started with several cities in the United States, and has since expanded to include cities and rural areas worldwide.

In recent times, even it has accomplished capturing Venice, Italy, and at various mountains, parks ect. And now, Google is offering tailor made street view as well, meaning, it enable us to build our own street view. It can create a virtual tour of your business to attract customers or it can also helps you capturing your favorite places with 360 degrees virtual tour. Hmmmmm… sounds interesting??? The only thing you need to have is a CAMERA. Be it a DSLR camera, Android, iPhone camera ect.

You only need to just take photo spheres and connect them to create 360º virtual tours of the places you love, then share them with the world on Google Maps.Google street view


For more details, you may visit here, here and here as well.

And, just like with Street View, you can embed our interactive viewer on your own website or build applications with it using the Google Maps API.

Woww !!! Isn’t it so nice to build our own street view and publish and share them with friend and business? Before knowing about this news, I felt, Google street view is block box, but I believe, with this initiative, people will definitely explore further what is inside Google street view. Hope, this information is interesting to you as well.

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Coinmap – The Interactive Map Of Brick And Mortar Locations Accepting Bitcoins

If you’re a tech geek or you simply read news from time to time you’ve probably already heard about Bitcoins. Launched 5 years ago Bitcoin has, in the last year, moved from the domain of crypto-geeks to a more mainstream adoption and it’s market value is constantly rising. At the video below created less than a year ago, the value of the virtual currency is less than $20… today it’s already over $1000!

If you happened to one of early adopters of the concept (which probably mean you’ve been doing some stuff ‘in the dark web’), you’ve easily made quite a lot of money. The problem is that it can still be quite difficult to find retail shops that accept bitcoin. Until now. This new interactive map solves that issue by showing brick and mortar locations around the globe where customers can pay in Bitcoins or Litecoins.


In early November this map was only showing around 500 venues. 4 days ago 1400. Today there are over 1,700 locations added. Since there is such a big interest in the project I guess that a cartographer could contribute to the project as we all could point out some significant improvements that should be made to the map… like for example…  adding a legend…

If you happened to not know the Bitcoin currency, here is a short explanation what is it all about.

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