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Foursquare Android and iPhone Apps Get New Filters

foursquare-super-specific-searchAfter last week’s update to the web version Foursquare released an update of its iPhone and Android apps. The location-based social network added what it’s calling “super-specific searches” to the mobile version of the service. Users can filter their searches based on the following criteria: “I’ve checked in before,” “I haven’t checked in,” “my friends have checked in,” “offering specials,” “open now” and “I’ve saved.” Users also have the option to choose the amount of money they want to spend, with dollar signs reflecting certain price ranges. But for those who want to keep it simple, the app still allows users to select “best nearby” to see the app’s recommendations, or to search for “specials” for good deals.

Basically it’s the same feature that is on 4sq Explore tab on the website but it makes much more sense to have it on a smartphone. For sometime already Foursquare is slowly moving from check-in service to local-social discovery/search tool… and it seems like a good strategy because it’s actually why I might come back to Foursquare after getting a little bit board of it few months earlier.

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How Oklahoma Tornado Was Mapped On Different Web Portals?

On May 20, 2013, a massive tornado swept through the area of Moore, Oklahoma, killing 24 people and left swathes of the suburb of Moore in ruins. In a few hours media around the world mapped the track of the tornado in many different ways. During catastrophic emergency situations like this mapping is one of the basic steps to effectively manage resources to save lives of victims and simultaneously to show people around the world the scale of the disaster.

Here are a few examples:

NY Times:



 The telegraph:

telegraph tornado


_67727218_moore_ok_tornado_976_3 _67749086_tornado_path_976



The Guardian:


The Independent:


The Dailymail:




The Sun:


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