Apple Maps gets smarter with iOS 11 indoor mapping, DND mode


Apple Maps are getting a lot more details and improvements with iOS 11, Apple has announced at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Here’s what caught our eye:

Indoor Mapping: Apple is looking at the great indoors for its next big mapping adventure. iOS 11 is going to introduce indoor maps for malls and airports in the United States, as well as for international locations. In the first round, malls layouts will be available for the cities of Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Jose, Tokyo, and Washington, DC.

The next wave of indoor mapping will cover detailed floor plans for over 30 airports, including JFK and La Guardia in New York and Heathrow Airport in London. Well, that should make finding the departure gate (and the nearest coffee joint) a lot easier, especially when you are navigating through unfamiliar international airports.

Do Not Disturb While Driving: Text messages and other pop-up notifications are probably the biggest distractions while you are driving. So, Apple Maps’ new Do Not Disturb While Driving feature comes as a massive safety improvement which would let you focus more on the road.

Your iPhone will automatically detect when you may be driving and silence all incoming alerts and notifications. You can set iMessage to send an automatic ‘I’m driving’ response to texts messages in this mode. You can also set certain people as important and have their notifications overrule this feature.

Speed Limits and Lane Guidance: Now, these would prove quite handy for new motorists or those who are driving in unfamiliar areas. Apple Maps will let you know the speed limits and see lane guidance when you are behind the wheel. Of course, these features are optional and you can always turn them off through the Settings menu.

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