Amazing Map Of ‘Salt Worldwide’ At Salt Museum In Lüneburg, Germany


Can you imagine any better way of story telling than using a map? Hard to image. This was the thought of designers at German Salt Museum (former salt mine since the Middle Age) in Lüneburg, a city close to Hamburg, Germany. They’ve created amazing interactive installation, entitled „Salt Worldwide“ which tells the story of the salt mining around the world and

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The map presents a virtual world made of salt with 34 touch sensitive salt crystals spreading over the map. When touched the crystals start to glow and some of them launches extra virtual information. Moreover each crystal launches a millions of salt particles that flow over the world map, slide down along the mountain ridges, and along the currents in the seas. It gives an amazing impression. I love it.

Salt map - Geoawesomeness

source: ArtCom

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  1. […] Touring through the museum will then take you on a trip through time starting from the Middle Ages, to the 19th and 20th centuries. You’ll learn tidbits of information such as how the Romans used to pay their troops in salt, how women contributed to the local industry, and that salt used to be referred to as “white gold”. The exhibition contains hundreds of artifacts, including equipment like old train cars, the factory’s last used boiling pan, and even quirky salt and pepper sets. It’s also interactive, with a giant piece of salt that you can touch, a microscope that you can use to examine pieces of salt in fine detail, and this worldwide salt map. […]


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