List of the top 100 geospatial start-ups and companies in the world


Geoawesomeness-Start-upsMaps, drones, apps, ibeacons, navigation, GPS, remote sensing… we love everything “location”. This of course includes geospatial companies and start-ups. We talk to them and write about them.

We’ve decided to work on a data base of geospatial comapanies. It’s a long term project but we’ve got some first results to share with you. Here is the list of the top and the most influential geospatial companies across the world.

Do you see anything awesome geospatial company or start-up missing? Let us know in comments or better still tell us more about your geospatial startup!


Aleks Buczkowski
I'm a professional always thinking outside the box and a self-confessed gadget addict. As a son of a professor of cartography I was surrounded by maps all my life and as a result spatial way of thinking and seeing reality is naturally embedded in who I am.
  • peterbatty

    You are missing Ubisense – best fit categories would be Indoor Location and GIS

    • Aleks Buczkowski

      Thanks. Added.

  • It’s nice to see what3words on that list but I think SimpleGeo hasn’t been a thing for quite a few years now

    • Aleks Buczkowski

      Indeed. Changed to Ubisense on our list:).

    • Marc Prioleau

      I think we’d need to consult Ian White to be sure…

  • Ankit Agarwal

    Micello does not do indoor positioning. Can you update it to “Indoor Maps” or “Maps”? Also we’re based in Santa Clara.

    Ankit (Micello)

    • Aleks Buczkowski

      Thanks Ankit. Changed the HQ location. For the purpose of that post we’ve changed the category to “Indoor” which is more broad.

  • Arnaud Trousset, RILOS

    Hello Aleks, brillant list!
    I would add on this the following: GIS: Geoconcept (France) and Galigeo (France), and propose to add a new category Geomarketing with the following players: Gfk Geomarketing (Germany), RetailSonar (Belgium), GeoFusion (Brazil), Parabellum (France), Urbistat (Italy), Getchee (China) and ours Geomatrix (Russia): (

    • Aleks Buczkowski

      Thanks Arnaud. We will add these companies to our Geoawesome DataBase. We should have it online in a couple of weeks.

  • David Coleman

    On the “wet” side of the geospatial business, it would be good to add Caris ( and QPS (

    • Aleks Buczkowski

      Thanks David! We’ll definitely add Caris and QPS to our Geoawesome Database that will be soon available on the website.

  • Marc Prioleau

    Is the goal to develop a list of all the geo companies in the world? Or just the “top” ones? A list of 100 doesn’t really narrow anything down.

    • Aleks Buczkowski

      Hi Marc. The overall goal is to build a database of all companies globally. This is just preview of a milestone on the first 100 entries to the DB. We are raising funds to develop a proper GUI which will be a crunchbase-like database for geospatial companies.

      • Marc Prioleau

        Got it. Good idea. One issue I suspect you’ll find is defining the dividing line between a geospatial company and one that isn’t. Since geo is inside many companies, the list can get pretty long.

        • Aleks Buczkowski

          For the first phase of the project the definition is pretty simple: a “geo company” is a company which core business is based on geospatial technologies.

  • Linda Lewis Hecht
    • Aleks Buczkowski

      I knew we forgot about someone important! Added.

  • Hi Aleks,

    There is also Redpoint Positioning ( doing indoor geolocation using UWB with HQ in Boston, MA.

  • Deborah

    Gruntify is missing! Business process and field data collection automation, with spatial data as the core ( It would probably fit best in the Location Big Data category.

  • Scott Mugniani
  • PaulCrease

    Mapsense = Apple – also CloudMade is missing and perhaps Palantir?

  • Alan Glennon

    Here’s a few more: Route360 (transit), Remix (transit), Urban Engines (transit), and Arogi (Artificial Intelligence). Skybox was been acquired by Google in 2014; Waze by Google in 2013, but it remains a quasi-independent brand. Geoloqi was acquired by Esri in 2012.

  • Jean-Luc Miserez

    Hi, I think safe software ( editor of FME) definitely fits in the list as the leader in geodata manipulation (Spatial-ETL) software

  • Full disclosure – I’m the VP of Sales, but you should include We’re bringing geospatial tools to large and small businesses across the USA, CA and UK. We offer customer software development services as well.

  • Hi, @aleksbuczkowski:disqus. Thank you for your work! It is a very useful list. What do you think about OpenWebGIS (2014, Russia, Blog: Can you add it to your list?

  • Chris Kochan

    Great list, with some interesting non-conventional entries that wouldn’t occur to me (Tesla, Uber). Here are a few more to consider …
    Spatial Networks
    Mapping Analytics
    Trade Area Systems
    Stamen Design

    • Nicola

      Thanks Chris for including as one of your non-conventional entries. We’re delighted to have received your recommendation,

    • Traveler

      +1 for reference!

    • Petr Base
  • AnaO

    Ruppells Griffon geospatial solutions and GISinc

  • Actually, CartoDB is Spanish but with also investments from USA.

  • Textkoch

    I have a database with round about 600 geospatial companies only in Germany and Austria. Sure, many of them are only of regional importance, but the market is in general much bigger than you expect.

  • Annika Ljaš

    Hi Aleks! Looks like Planet OS is missing from the list

  • Ian Drury

    Ultranyx ( with their Smart Location Box for Location Big Data category. Country UK. Founded 2012.

  • Hi Alex, just came across this awesome list. Would be great to add my company too – Envitia, GIS, based in Horsham, UK, established in 1989.
    Thanks and all the best

  • Leslie McWhirter

    I don’t see Golden Software on the list. It has 6 powerful scientific mapping and graphing products on the market and has been around since 1983: It is located in scenic Golden, Colorado, USA.

  • John-Isaac Clark

    Great to see DigitalGlobe on this list. While we’re known for pixels, check out what we’re doing to open the doors to developers and the ecosystem to run analysis and algorithms directly on over 15 years and 80+ petabytes of data in the cloud using our GBDX capability… DM me on twitter (@johnisaacclark) for private beta invites 😀

  • Pete Rossiter

    Hi Aleks, I only just discovered your list and would like to suggest Integeo ( an Australian company focused on Business Intelligence mapping analytics. Full disclosure – I’m one of the founders. Thanks.

  • Plazes does not exist anymore (for years). Most beacon companies are just hardware vendors, far away from LBMarketing.

    We are a Berlin-based 2014-founded LBMarketing provider, Beaconinside /, with a strong focus on retail, analytics and smarter cities (contextual LBServices).

  • Antje Kunze

    Hi Aleks, great list and overview. Thanks! It would be awesome to be listed as well 🙂 SmarterBetterCities
    “An online platform to view, upload, share and discuss 3D city models. 3D has never been easier.”
    Greetings, Antje

  • Arjan Spigt

    Map Maker AND from the Netherlands is missing from the list. They offer detailed t-b-t nav maps and geocoding for both Europe and North-America.

  • Chris Dorian

    Hi, I think you need to add our Startup to the list. BuildingApprovals from Australia ( It’s to help with planning and building approvals, allows someone to drop a pre-planned building design to a plot of land and check the planning restrictions.

  • Sophie Paré

    CartoVista specializes in the development of interactive web mapping applications.

  • Jacob Westvid

    I also can offer other great source where you can download mobile app – Also it is great source for gps tracking business (

  • The Historian

    +1 for
    helps to share favourite spots & places via interactive custom maps.

  • GISinc

    Glad to see some friends on the list. Might I recommend adding GISinc? We have been around for over 25 years and we’re not only an Esri Platinum partner, but also one of their oldest partners. We employ over 170 geospatial professionals all over the country…and we’re growing fast. We recently partnered with Acuity Brands/GeoMetri to offer indoor solutions to our clients. I don’t know what qualifies a company to make the top 100…but I would say we should be considered. 🙂

  • You’re really putting great effort to evolve the geospatial community, Aleks! Congratulations!!!

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  • C. Drake

    OGSystems is doing some big things. Check out and

  • C. Drake

    OGSystems is doing some big things. Check out and We welcome the opportunity to give you a demo and chat about this work!

  • John Leeuwenburg

    Aleks, is there any reason why you did not include GE Smallworld?

  • basitlhr

    there is another map data company , they are providing 10,000+ indoor maps data for major shopping malls, airports, museums, sports areenas etc..

  • Good AM Aleks. I see this post has been around for a bit, but if you are still updating your list, would love to be be included: 🙂

  • Miriam Al-H

    What about Orbital Insight? They seem to do pretty cool stuff.

  • Anastasios Koutsogiannis

    Check out our map of the biggest construction companies in Europe. I believe that you will find it interesting:

  • Traveler

    Why isnt on there? They work pretty closely with many of the companies on this list