Intel to acquire Movidius, a startup that makes chips for drones and indoor mapping


Intel has invested heavily in computer vision and drones in recent times and as part of that vision, they announced their planned acquisition of Movidius, a startup that manufacturers computer vision chips for the likes of DJI and the Google Tango project.

"Movidius + Intel = Vision for the Future of Autonomous Devices" - Movidius
“Movidius + Intel = Vision for the Future of Autonomous Devices” – Movidius

Movidius and Intel 

Movidius is a relatively low-key startup for us GeoGeeks, their biggest ticket to “geo-fame” being their involvement in the Google Tango project that is promising to change the way the indoors are mapped  (Google had 4 I/O events related to the Tango project earlier this year). Intel has been actively promoting its RealSense solutions especially for sense-and-avoid obstacle applications in the drone industry and the planned acquisition of Movidius will help bolster its AI and Machine learning capabilities under the RealSense banner.

Intel’s vision for the AI era (Credit: Intel Corporation)

When computers can see, they can become autonomous and that’s just the beginning. We’re on the cusp of big breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. In the years ahead, we’ll see new types of autonomous machines with more advanced capabilities as we make progress on one of the most difficult challenges of AI: getting our devices not just to see, but also to think. – Remi El-Ouazzane, CEO of Movidius

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