Pokémon Go integrated within Google Maps timeline


As we’ve recently reported the connection between Niantic Labs – the company behind Pokémon Go and Google is quite close. John Hanke the CEO of Niantic was one of the founders of Keyhole, the company Google acquired to start Google Earth, and for many years he was in charge of Google Maps. Niantic has been launched as an internal Google startup in 2010 and its first apps were developed under Google brand.

Although last year Niantic spin off as an independent project, Google still supports it. Reddit user GoldLeader272 noticed an unexpected integration of Pokémon Go to Google Maps Timeline feature. When logging your activity you can indicate that you’ve covered a certain distance ‘catching Pokémon’.


Google Maps Timeline previously known as Google Location History is a service that automatically tracks your every move and gives you a step-by-step map of where you’ve been and how were you travelling. Although it used to be very controversial, adding The Timeline as a feature to the world’s most popular mapping app proved that users are ready to accept the fact that their every move is being tracked.

Adding thisPokémon feature to Google Timeline might be the answer to the request of some users who would like to get some sort of location tracking directly from Pokémon app.

Stay tuned for updates!

Aleks Buczkowski
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