UPS now lets you track your package on a real-time map

UPS Map Geoawesomeness


Do you also know the feeling of a total frustration when waiting your package to arrive? The new service by UPS is trying to solve that problem by showing you on the map exactly where your package is located in a real-time. The feature is called Follow My Delivery and it’s available for the UPS Air and UPS Worldwide Express packages. To be eligible, customers will have to sign up for a free “My Choice” account.

The new UPS service is straightforward yet effective. It provides a simple website interface where customers can see the location of the UPS driver on a map in real time. While it does not offer details like the driver’s exact route or precise delivery times, this feature still marks a significant improvement in package tracking. By implementing this service, UPS not only enhances transparency in the delivery process but also sets a higher standard for competitor services, offering customers a more engaging and informative way to monitor their shipments.

A similar system has been introduced to track the location of your Comcast technicians last year. Do you think it’s a useful feature? Share you view in comments.

Infographica: How it works

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