Google I/O Live Stream

Google is live-streaming the IO event and apparently its (this) easy to embed a widget to live-stream the event, so just in case you don’t want to go anywhere else to live-stream the Google I/0, we have you covered 😉

Looking for “Location @ Google IO 2016?” – here’s an summary (link) of all the #Geoawesome location keynotes at the Google I/O that you can live-stream.

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Location @ Google I/O: All the #Geoawesome keynotes you can live-stream

Google I/O 2016 is less than 24 hours 😀 Unless you are one of the lucky few who will be attending Google’s biggest event of the year in person, you are probably going to be reading about all the updates and interesting developments on tech blogs and your social media feed… or you can live stream the #Geoawesome keynotes/presentations that are related to Location!


Location, Location, Location…

So which location keynotes can you live-stream on the three days? [Update: Here’s the link to the Google IO live stream widget].

Project Tango and Eddystone 

Project Tango and Eddystone are probably the most interesting keynotes for a GeoGeek (Read: Indoor Mapping and AR at Google I/O: Project Tango) and lucky enough we get to live-stream both talks and on the first day before the IO update fatigue sets in.


Google Fit and Project Tango Updates

Google Fit is going to be one of the biggest datasets for a future Health GIS analysis and it might be interesting to see what Google has in store for Fitness and Android Wear. Google’s Activity Recognition API is already one of the most interesting APIs out there but it seems there is still some way to go before more developers and apps start using it in their apps but that might change soon.


Machine Learning

The (last) talk isn’t really about Location but with the rebranding of Skybox as Terra Bella, Google has clearly expanded its sights on what it can do with its machine learning expertise and satellite imagery.


If you have a google account (yeah, I know.. who doesn’t), you can add the keynotes to your schedule. Just login on the GoogleIO site and filter the talks as per your interests 🙂

Looking for the description of the individual keynotes? Scroll down for the screenshots.

May 18th Talks



May 19th Talks 



May 20th Talks 


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