Top Geospatial YouTube channels to follow


From finding the lyrics to a song to teaching you how to bake, nowadays you can find almost anything on YouTube. The vast space of information that YouTube provides is a great opportunity to expand on your geospatial skills and geospatial career. This article highlights 10 YouTube Channels focused on GIS, remote sensing, and career skills that you should check out and subscribe to. 


Remote Sensing

NASA Video- ARSET Trainings 
NASA logo

If you want to learn how to navigate and use NASA remote sensing software and products, watching the ARSET Trainings playlist is the way to go. The YouTube playlist are a part of NASA Applied Science ARSET (Applied Remote Sensing Training) program which  go over fundamentals of remote sensing and environmental  applications such as flooding, urban heat islands, air pollution and more. The YouTube videos can be found in English or Spanish, are tailored to both beginners and more advanced remote scientists, and tend to be over an hour long. You can join the larger ARSET program and attend the live webinars here


Qiusheng Wu
Qiusheng Wu/ YouTube

This YouTube channel is led by Qiusheng Wu, Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His YouTube channel has a variety of videos on using Google Earth Engine and Python packages and softwares that interact with Google Earth Engine, but his videos cover more than just remote sensing. The YouTube channel has a playlist for spatial data management, python for geospatial use, and tutorials on using PostGIS. Videos tend not to be longer than 30 minutes and new videos are uploaded every few days. You can check out Wu’s other open-source projects and blog posts on his GitHub


Spatial e-Learning
Spatial e-Learning/ YouTube

Spatial e-Learning is a massive open online course provider that offers three different certificates and individual courses at a monthly or yearly rate. However, Spatial e-Learning has free videos on their YouTube channel that covers machine learning in Google Earth Engine, using Python and Collab notebooks for remote sensing, and working with QGIS. There are not as many videos as the other YouTube channels mentioned, but there are new videos uploaded more than once every week and most videos are under 20 minutes. 


GIS coding/software


GIScience/ YouTube

This channel was created by Brian Tomaszewski, Associate Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology. His videos focus on GIS fundamentals such as hot spot analysis, network analysis, and cartography with a focus on risk analysis and disaster modeling. Although videos are not uploaded frequently, his videos are beginner friendly and tailored to be applicable to real world situations by providing case studies. Check out his video on GIS and video games or his video on creating a COVID-19 dashboard. 


burGIS/ YouTube

burdGIS offers tutorials on online GIS mapping software like Aspectum, plug-in software like SLYR, getting open date, and webmap making. Like Spatial e-Learning, burdGIS offers online GIS courses apart from their YouTube videos. Videos are not uploaded regularly but there are over 5 years of content.


Aaron Maxwell
Aaron Maxwell/ YouTube

Maxwell’s videos touch on topics such as digital cartography, using tools on ArcGIS Pro and QGIS, geospatial machine learning and remote sensing. If you’re looking into programming, this YouTube channel has at least a video on R, Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Most viideos are under 10 minutes. 


Geodelta Labs
geodelta/ YouTube

With over 2 million views, Geodelta Labs is one of the more known YouTube channels in this list. In its two years of existence, Geodelta Labs’ YouTube channel has videos on GeoPandas, OpenStreetMap, and GIS software like ArcGIS and QGIS. By having  beginner and more advanced level tutorials, This channel is for everyone no matter their skill level. Videos are posted more than once a week.


GIS Career Tips


Katie Scheurer Project Spatial

If you’re looking for a YouTube channel that is more focused on career advice then check out this channel. Katie Scheurer goes over different GIS careers, career tips, and advice on building your GIS career profile. 


Dr. Chris Geoscience
Dr. Chris Geoscience/ YouTube

Dr. Chris doesn’t mind talking being honest when it comes to GIS career advice. This YouTube channel has videos on academic advice, LinkedIn and networking, imposter syndrome and more. The animations and graphics are pretty cool too.



Geoawesomeness Blog

If Geoawesomeness Blog is not on your subscriptions list it’s time to hit that “subscribe” button. Recordings of Geoawesomeness Digital Meetups are posted on the YouTube channel so you never miss any important content. Interested in joining the Digital Meetups live? Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the latest events!


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