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Transport and logistics account for over a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions around the world and plays an essential role in the current climate crisis. Still, for many industry players, it is still hardly uncharted territory. Sustainable transportation and logistics aim to lower the ecological footprint of its tasks, such as CO2 emissions, noise pollution, and accidents. To achieve it suppliers must look for a balance between financial growth, environment care, and the health of society.

Many companies in the sector have set sustainability objectives but typically fall far short of their potential. At the same time, the environmental regulations are becoming more and more strict and transportation and logistics companies must make their tasks increasingly more sustainable to meet these regulations and improve their social responsibility to consumers.

During this Geoawesomeness Digital Meetup we aim to:

  • define the broad meaning of sustainability in transportation and logistics
  • discuss strategies that industry players have to achieve their sustainability objectives
  • understand regulatory aspects and consumer expectations
  • analyze most relevant market trends
  • discuss what is the role of technology in sustainable transportation and logistics

And we will discuss with a number of great speakers all across the industry from companies such as PwC, DB Schenker, TomTom, and Fernride.

The speakers will include:

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