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Spraffl – The First Anti-social Social Network

Spraffl 2Spraffl is a new location-based app that goes against everything that we’ve seen over last several years. It allows you to post ANONYMOUS, location-based messages anywhere in the world open to everyone around you to read and comment. Founders actually call it ‘a social experiment’ and it is an experiment as there is no way that they can make money out of it unless it’s about developing the technology.
How it works?
You might think it’s crazy idea but I my opinion it’s very refreshing concept. Almost* anti-social, when everything around is all about building community with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks…  (* almost as unfortunately the content can be shared via Facebook and Twitter). The content is build purely around the location. When you start the up it takes your location and that you can write what ever you want. People can then like, dislike or comment on your Spraffl. The only identification to the l is your location. No usernames, nothing. People can’t follow or friend you and vice versa. It’s completely anonymous.
The dark side of  anonymity
But of course there is a downside of such a solution, abuse of this totally anonymous freedom. Spraffl developed a way to deal with it based on community self-regulation. If at least 5 people flag the message it will be removed. Simple, but good solution.
Anti-social, social network

It’s funny to call but Spraffl is actually the first anti-social social network. No friends, no followers, no badges, no mayorships. Pure anonymity. I like it. In the idea of social network you’re never anonymous. That’s why it’s so refreshing to feel like it at least when spraffling*.

*  Spraffing is an Edinburgh slang term for talking rubbish or just generally chattering on and on

source: TechCrunch, Velocity Digital

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PND’s Not Dead Yet – Best Navigation Systems for Your Car

Automotive navigation systems are connected to satellite that give back-to-back information about the movement of your car. The company stores the road database and this database helps in guiding you to the respective directions.

We have also become somewhat dependent on these navigation systems. The travelling has become too much common in our life that we have to use these GPS systems frequently. Previously people use to ask other residents of that area about the directions; however, now such dependency has eventually decreased. This system is not only used in cars, but also many truck drivers and auto transportation companies use this technology for their safety.

Here are some of the top navigation systems that have highest sales:

Garmin-nüvi-3590LMTGarmin Nuvi 3590LMT

Garmin is famous for its dual screen display. On a single screen, it gives 3D mapping as well as graphics display of the possible turn that is ahead. You can easily control this system through your voice command or by the touch screen. Therefore, its handling during the driving is very easy. The maps are free and you do not have to pay any cost. One limitation of Nuvi is that it does not give good traffic guide where frequency modulation (FM) coverage will be low. Garmin Nuvi 3590 cost is $350.

Garmin Y300_Garmin Nuvi 2760T

It looks just like your smart phone due to its size and thin body. Nuvi 2760 has many other specifications that include touch glass display, traffic trends, lane assist and hand free calling abilities. Nuvi 2760 also has a pedestrian navigation capability that helps to avoid any collision with the pedestrians. Anti-theft feature is also one unique feature of this device. It is very helpful in long distance travel. Many professional auto transportation companies use it for safe shipping of the vehicles.

TTTom-Tom Go 2535 M live

This small GPS device provides traffic reporting and many other services in a safe manner. The touch screen is extremely responsive and the update of traffic information is very rapid. It also has voice command system. However, the usage of this device seems to be complicated. It need sometime before you clearly understand the functioning of this vehicle. The price of Tom-Tom 2535 is $290.

magellan_roadmate_3055Magellan Road mate 3055

Magellan assists you in lane changing, traffic, and reaching to your destination. It has free lifetime traffic alerts and the screen of Magellan is much larger as compared to other navigators. The price of Magellan 3055 is $170.

guest post by Carolize Zenta

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