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MapMyIndia + BlackBerry: A new Navigation App to take on Google Maps

22-blackberry-z10-mapmyindia-launches-free-navigator-appThe leading Navigation Device company in India “MapMyIndia” is all set to extend its customer base in India and take on Google Maps, courtesy a new association with BlackBerry. To say MapMyIndia has been quite successful in the Indian Navigation Market is probably a bit of a understatement.

The new app by MapMyIndia for BlackBerry 10 is said to provide comprehensive navigation. The App gives access to 3D Maps, Places of Interests, ATMs and more. In a sense everything that Google Maps has been offering the Indian users. The App is Bi-lingual with Hindi and English language and navigation support.

The biggest plus for the data conscious Smartphone users has to be the pre-loaded navigation maps. Now, how much of memory it is going to occupy is any one’s guess! Before you begin calculating and put a number out there; remember they are planning to pre-load maps for every nook and corner in India!


So what’s NEW? Why do we even consider it as a challenger to the goliath “Google”?

MapMyIndia is offering Home to Home Navigation and house number search, something that Google hasn’t been able to provide to its Indian Users in the same way MapMyIndia has. It might be regular stuff in the developed world but it is worth noting that even giants like TomTom are yet to comprehensively map India like MapMyIndia and few other agencies have done.

Rohan Verma, Director, MapmyIndia says, “The partnership between BlackBerry and MapmyIndia offers the best navigation experience available to Smartphone users in India today.”

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