Mapbox introduces dynamically changing boundaries


The decision of how to name an area and where to draw a boundary on a map has always been subject to controversy, as there is no shortage of disputed borders in the world. Recently, Mapbox released dynamically changing boundaries via Worldviews.

It provides three Worldviews – either  US, CN, or IN to show the US’s, China’s, or India’s opinions of global and disputed borders, respectively. For example, using IN shows Arunachal Pradesh in India, as well as larger areas of Kashmir than the CN or US worldview.

The borders in the Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh regions between China, Pakistan, and India changing based on Worldviews.

While this isn’t something other mapping companies have done in the past, should they be introducing such a feature, instead of maybe showing UN recognized boundaries? What are your thoughts? Let us know with Facebook or Twitter

Read the announcement from Mapbox.

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