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Geospatial podcasts you should be listening to


Podcasts are a great way of staying in touch with the industry, hear about new developments, and learn something new. Best of all, it can easily be added to modern life because they can be fitted into many activities.

With vast amount of podcasts out there, it can be intimidating to choose if you are just starting out. Here’s a list of a few geospatial podcasts if you love GIS and location-based technologies!



The podcast is hosted by Jesse Rouse, Sue Bergeron, and Frank Lafone. Well-established podcast that discusses geography, geospatial technologies, and GIS’s impact on digital daily lives.

Two guys based in New Zealand talk about everything including news from the GIS industry, do interviews with practitioners, and even random acts of geospatial madness!


The Mappyist Hour

Geographer and Geo types talking about how incredible their profession is “after hours”

Speaking of GIS

A podcast by Kurt Towler. The podcast includes interviews with other geospatial practitioners and recaps of conferences.


The new kid on the block doing interviews with industry leaders


Scene from Above

A podcast looking at the world of modern remote sensing and Earth observation. Fuelled by their passion for all things raster and geospatial, they aim to be a mix of news, opinion, discussion and interviews.

Directions Magazine

New location-based podcasts approximately every six weeks by another geospatial news outlet

Cageyjames & Geobabbler

This monthly podcast by James Fee and Bill Dollins is about how to apply spatial technology to your workflows.

Geographical Imaginations

The Geographical Imaginations Expedition & Institute is a growing multi-media public geography initiative designed to bring together academic and everyday geographical, or spatial, thinking.

Women and Drones

A podcast dedicated to raising the profile of women in the UAS industry around the world.

Esri & The Science of Where Podcast
A podcast created by ESRI Newsroom that discusses a range of topics from AI, cybersecurity, data science, and of course GIS!

Did we miss any of your favourite geospatial podcasts? Let us know!

I fell in love with everything geo after travelling and living in many places in the world. For me, it's a fun and rather interesting lens to see the world through! We live in a time where technology makes the world so much smaller, and we have to leverage this to build a vibrant community.


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