Drones use what3words addressing system to deliver packages


The rise of UAVs technology significantly changed many industries, from crop inspection to medical services. Applying drone powered solutions on such a scale required simplification and automation of drone control. Today UAVs can operate fully autonomously but the challenge is how to define the landing spot. The most efficient way so far was to define the location using geographic coordinates. It’s obviously the best and the most accurate solution but it has some disadvanteges. It is difficult to use and prone to human error where even a small mistake can send the machine far off-course.

This is where what3words comes in with human approach to navigation. What3words offers a global addressing system that divides the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assignes each one a unique 3-word address. This idea proved to be far easier to remember and share than GPS coordinates. Moreover, it provides the same degree of location accuracy, without any of the complexity. Looks like the idea is highly appreciated because more and more drone companies are willing to integrate the new addressing system into their platform. Currently, what3words partnered with various UAV organizations like Copter-Express, Overscout, Hylio and Altavian.

“what3words provides an innovative customer facing solution” said Mike Oda, co-founder of Hylio. “It bridges the gap between the human and the machine, and will allow us to expand our user base”.

“Integrating what3words into our maps made so much sense that I didn’t need to think twice” said Julius Vinton CEO of Overscout. “Our drone operators have to know where clients are requesting them to fly and it is especially difficult to communicate precise locations that are out in the field. We practically eliminated misunderstandings thanks to what3words.”

I find this solution interesting and useful. According to what3word around 75% of the world suffers from inadequate addressing systems. This means that using 3-word may come in handy. Of course latitude and longitude are great for computers but the new addressing is way more useful for people. I believe that thanks to its simplicity it opens up drones industry to more businesses and customer.

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