Intel acquires driverless tech company Mobileye for $15.3b


Intel confirmed that it is acquiring Mobileye for $15.3 billion. Mobileye is one of the leading companies using computer vision for traffic safety and autonomous driving tech. It offers a range of technology and services including sensor fusion, mapping, front- and rear-facing cameras among other. We can read in the statement:

The acquisition will couple the best-in-class technologies from both companies, including Intel’s high-performance computing and connectivity expertise and Mobileye’s leading computer vision expertise to create automated driving solutions from the cloud through the network to the car. The combination is expected to accelerate innovation for the automotive industry and position Intel as a leading technology provider in the fast-growing market for highly and fully autonomous vehicles.

Intel estimates the vehicle systems, data and services market opportunity to be up to $70 billion by 2030. The transaction extends Intel’s strategy to invest in data-intensive market opportunities that build on the company’s strengths in computing and connectivity from the cloud, through the network, to the device. But the deal will not only bring Intel closer to the autonomous driving technology but also extensive relationships that Mobileeye has with automakers.

Self-driving cars business is clearly the next big thing and it is clear that no one wants to be left behind. Follow us to learn more about the market and the technology behind this revolution.


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