BMW’s ride-hailing service offers custom radio, temperature settings


Looking for a cab? If you are in Seattle, US, you can now get the BMW brand experience while going from Point A to Point B.

BMW’s ReachNow service, which allows members to rent BMW or Mini Cooper vehicles, has launched a new ride-sharing service that will take on the Ubers and the Lyfts of the world. Seattle is the first city where ReachNow is offering this premier ride-hailing facility.

Nestled inside the same ReachNow app, the Ride service allows users to choose between an immediate, on-demand pickup, or schedule a pickup from 20 minutes to up to 7 days in advance. There are a host of features aimed to keep the discerning rider hooked. For example, the app allows you to select your in-vehicle temperature and music preferences in advance. If you don’t want to be disturbed during the ride, you can opt for the ‘Quiet Time’ feature. You will also be offered Voss water bottles, candy and the use of phone chargers during the ride.

Also, there is no surge pricing. But that’s probably because you are already paying $2.40 per mile plus 40 cents per minute and a base charge.

Dr. Simon Broesamle, Chief Customer Officer at ReachNow, is convinced that the transit challenges being faced by urban cities can only be solved using a range of mobility services, in which the multimodal model vision for ReachNow will play a key role.

“There are plenty of use cases for how people take advantage of a matrix of transit solutions – from bikes and buses to ride share and ferries – to make their way around their world every day. We believe that not only will this [multimodal service] reduce personal cars on the road to improve quality of life in cities over time, but more importantly, we’re giving Members a reliable alternative to using a personal car for everyday travel,” Broesamle sumps up.

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