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Dr. Keith Beckett

Biography –Dr. Keith BeckettDr. Keith Beckett is the Chief Scientist at UrtheCast–Canada’s newest and fastest growing space-based remote sensing company. Keith’srole at UrtheCast (pronounced Earth Cast) is to maintain a long-term technical and scientific strategic vision and focuson the future needsof users. He is activelyleading multiple R&D projects, currently focusingonareas such as advancedforestry, agriculture and water managementproductsand services, and is actively working in close concert with users, academia, researchers, industry, engineeringand business development.Leveraging an engineering and research career spanning nearly 30 years of working on numerousinternational projects, Keith is also responsible fornurturingUrtheCast’s growing base of intellectual property through multiple patents, white papers, publications and conference presentations.Hisapproach is collaborative, passionate and thoughtful when it comes tothe value proposition achieved through thecombination ofideas, people, science and engineering.