A new platform for scalable error detection in OpenStreetMap data


It’s no secret that Apple has been placing a lot of emphasis on improving its maps and location-based services. In fact, the company is said to be in the middle of a hiring spree and has over 70 job openings for GIS and mapping experts.

What many people probably don’t realize is that while TomTom powers Apple Maps, Apple also uses data from OpenStreetMap. If you take a look at the copyright information behind Apple Maps, you will see that Apple credits OpenStreetMap as well. Apple isn’t just using OpenStreetMap though. They are also contributing to the OpenStreetMap ecosystem with their code.

Apple presented their “Atlas checks” framework for scalable error detection at the State of the Map 2017 earlier this month during the workshop “A new platform for scalable error detection“. Atlas checks is actually a part of Apple’s Atlas framework for efficiently representing OpenStreetMap data in memory.

It’s really nice to see a tech giant like Apple contributing to the OpenStreetMap ecosystem!


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