Planet launches AI-based platform, automating satellite imagery analytics

road detection
Road-detection on Planet Basemaps, Cairo, Egypt

With the rise of swarms of micro satellites, the Earth Observation industry is getting a new level of detail. Thanks to Planet‘s 3m spatial resolution, the value of having a fleet of satellites lies now not in higher spatial resolution, but in higher temporal resolution. Planet’s satellites capture the imagery of the entire earth a few times a day. This kind of advancement in satellite imagery is opening up whole new areas of opportunity and new use cases. However, a point of concern has been-‘how to extract the relevant information from these images at scale?’ The industry has been working on advanced automated analytics and a lot has been developed but it has never been commoditized to be widely used by geogeeks and analysts around the world. As a solution to the problem, Planet launches AI-based platform, automating satellite imagery analytics.

The new release, named ‘Planet Analytics Feeds’, makes automatic analysis of satellite imagery now possible. With the new flagship Analytics Feeds, Planet Analytics is able to provide its users automated road, building, and vessel detections over their areas of interest. The users can leverage these feeds on top of the Planet imagery products and achieve global-scale insights, no custom builds are required.

Tracking specific objects or features often turns out to be an expensive affair for organisations using imagery. This kind of analysis often becomes costly, time consuming and labor-intensive if done manually. With Planet Analytics Feeds, users can say goodbye to such issues.

Using  machine learning and cloud computing, users of Planet Analytics are able to select an area to monitor and automatically get detections for roads, buildings and vessels for a particular day or month, within minutes. For instance, using Planet Analytics Vessel Detection Feed, a user can track and locate ships that have their automatic identification system (AIS) signals turned off. This could lead to detection of illegal cargo. Using the Building Detection Feed, an organization can easily detect new constructions within a specific area.

Users can unlock deeper insights from Planet imagery by leveraging these Feeds. They can leverage the Feeds anywhere in the world and backward in time with Planet’s unprecedented dataset of imagery.

What Planet Analytics Feeds Offer in Nutshell

Building Detection
  • Update maps and charts
  • Monitor infrastructure and construction
  • Track urban growth

Road Detection

  • Update maps and charts
  • Improve routing of fleets and resources
  • Get competitive intelligence in remote locations

road detection planet analytics

Vessel Detection

  • Monitor patterns of life
  • Fill in data gaps
  • Identify vessels that have gone dark

vessel detection in planet analytics

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