What does the Earth look like ? : a different visualization!


What does our beloved planet that 7 billion of us call “home” look like? Well, I am pretty sure that most of us would imagine earth to be a little blue ball floating in space or the map with mercator projection. Something like this –


The beautiful little blue ball that keeps floating around the space in an interesting journey around the benevolent Sun. 7 Billion people and most of us have this image on our heads when someone says Earth. It is amazing to note the similarity in our thinking about our planet.

Although our idea about the earth is correct. Ever imagined what the planet looks like in another wavelength, say when we look at an image by a UV camera? Ever wondered how the earth looks on a map when we play around the continents and moved them around? If you are already lost in thought, then let me entertain you for the next few minutes with a awesome video from the youtube channel vsauce about “What does the earth look like?”.

“Perhaps the best 10 minute instructional video on map projections you’ll ever see. I highly recommend watching the entire video.”  – The editor-in-chief of Directions Magazine, Joe Francica

I suppose I cannot summarize it better than Mr. Francica! The video reinforces all that we know about our Earth but somehow it is so much more interesting and informative than all the other videos about the Earth and how we view it. What do you think?

Source: DirectionsMagazine

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  1. That is an amazing video, Muthu. Mr. Francica’s explanation is really brilliant. Yes, It is one of the MUST-TO-WATCH and highly recommended videos…thank for that !!! 🙂

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