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Hudway App Turns Google Maps Into Windshield Head-up Display



I’m always searching for cool ideas that enhance user experience of location-based apps. This time Russian start-up decided to create an app which turns your regular smartphone navi  into head-up display – feature that is typically available in premium car models. The idea behind head-up displays is to visualize the content (e.g.current speed) on the windshield (usually as a reflection) so that driver will not need to look away from the road. Nobel idea and drivers actually do like it but is your smartphone able to actually substitute such a system in your ride?


How does it work?

Hudway app claims that YES. The idea is simple. Once you select your route you lay your phone down on your dashboard (you might need an anti-slip surface such as a silicone pad) and once activated, Hudway will give you a visualization of the profile of the road ahead of you along with information like current speed, the distance to the next turn, and when you should be slowing down. It uses Google Maps API (or optionally Apple Maps… but who would use it instead…;), which is cool because it’s one of the best spatial data sources out there.



There are several issues with usability of the app. On my windshield the picture was doubled… and I actually had to focus more to read it  than I usually focus on a regular navi app placed in a driving mount. Moreover what will happen when someone call you… most people actually need to reach for the phone and answer it even if they use loud speakers. If your car is equipped with a hands-free kit everything is cool… If not, reaching for a phone might be quite disrupting and as a result dangerous.

There are also several missing features which would be really a game changer. One of them is real-time traffic info. Hudway position itself in ‘drive-safe’ app category. Wouldn’t it be useful to get such an information: ‘traffic jams ahead of you, you’ll have +3 min delay’. Well the problem with that idea is that there are strong limitations for Google to offer real-time traffic layers to 3rd party apps, so guys from Hudway would have to somehow go around it.

The verdict

Is it the app of the year? No yet, but the app has just went out from beta, so I would say that it’s very promising. Definitely try out the free version before getting paid features.

The is available for free on AppStore with some simple features and for $2 you can get ‘pro’ features and for extra $1 no ads. It is supposed to arrive to Android in a few months.

I'm a professional always thinking outside the box and a self-confessed gadget addict. As a son of a professor of cartography I was surrounded by maps all my life and as a result spatial way of thinking and seeing reality is naturally embedded in who I am.


  1. Readability might be problem, that I agree with. But people calling you? It shouldn’t be, since under no circumstances whatsoever should you be reaching for your phone while driving, simple as that. Doesn’t matter where you put your phone. Just get a hands-free set up. Problem solved 🙂

  2. Tried this and quite a few others. cons: doesn’t work in daylight, super slow app to the extent of being unresponsive (no, my smartphone is not slow), updates itself once in like 10 minutes. For now I’d suggest skipping this altogether.

    What we really need is an app that can invert the phone screen display so that i can place it beneath the windshield and use Gmaps or mapfactor. Unfortunatel, such an app for Android doesn’t exist (not until last week).

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