GPS enabled Top Hat: Sound Localization Assisted GPS Navigation


GPS/GNSS is everywhere, its in your smartphone, your smartwatch and if you are interested its even available in jackets (Urban Wayfinding Jackets); add a top hat to that list now!

Sound Localization Assisted GPS Navigation

A team of students from Cornell University working on their final project titled “Sound Navigation: Sound Localization Assisted GPS Navigation” utilised the inherent capability of our ears to localise sound to help us navigate to our destination.

The top hat uses directional sound to serve as an audio cue to help you navigate. It uses both amplitude and phase shifting to do this and its language independent.

Sound Navigation - Top hat: Image copyright Cornell University
Sound Navigation – Top hat: Image copyright Cornell University

The GPS enabled Top hat isn’t really the kind of wearable tech that might be of interest to everyday users (I guess) but it would make a world of difference to differently-abled people who need non-visual cues to navigate. Its a refreshing change to see a wearable tech prototype that is perhaps more helpful to the differently-abled.

If you are interested in the details of this interesting project, check it out. The webpage is really very detailed and informative.

Source: The Next Web, Engadget

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