Boundless and Mapbox announce strategic partnership

Open Source meets Open Data


Boundlessgeo and Mapbox announce partnership

Boundlessgeo and Mapbox have entered into a strategic partnership integrating Mapbox base maps within the Boundless Connect ecosystem. The partnership means that Boundless Desktop users now have easier access and integration of Mapbox’s different base maps including Mapbox Streets, Mapbox Satellite Streets and Mapbox Light & Dark inside their current environment.

The integration makes it a whole lot easier to get Mapbox base maps inside your QGIS development environment and in the future, the two companies are also planning to bring Mapbox’s routing and geocoding services to Boundless Connect.

Mapbox Light and Dark BaseMap inside the QGIS environment
Mapbox Light and Dark BaseMap inside the QGIS environment

Partnering with Mapbox has been phenomenal and will only add value to our users. Making this data and content easily accessible through the Boundless ecosystem allows for significant productivity gains and unparalleled flexibility to our customers.” – Andy Dearing, CEO Boundlessgeo.

Open Source meets Open Data

In a sense, you can term this partnership as “Open Source meets Open Data.” Mapbox has been championing the cause of OpenStreetMap since years, and Boundlessgeo is, without a doubt, one of the biggest champions of Open Source GIS. With this partnership, it’s going to be a lot easier to use OSM data inside QGIS and other Boundlessgeo products.

Granted, it’s just base maps and some POI data in the form of Mapbox’s satellite street data layer at the moment, but things are going to get interesting when the partnership between the two companies also extend to routing and geocoding.

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