Hunting by New Topo Map App

bloodhunt(1)Hunters are interested in the ownership of the land they are on. They need to know the legal boundaries of the hunting permits and hunting leases. Trimble perceived this necessity and developed an android application that allows viewing ownership maps off-the-grid without a cell or data signal. Additionally, GPS functionality enables to navigate in the field. The new application was launched this week under the name GPS Hunt Topo Map SD Cards for Hunters. The app works on Android-powered smart phones with a SD/microSD slot. The memory cards are also compatible with iPhones and iPods. So far the maps cover 39 US states gathering information on more than 167 million private plots, which so far is the most comprehensive collection of land ownership available on smart phones. After plugging the memory card into the mobile phone and loading the maps, those can be viewed without a cell phone or data connection. In areas off the cell phone towers, where hunters often circulate, this is a very important feature. Users can retrieve the full colour topographic maps in 15 different levels of zoom. Three super-zoom levels permit the detections of boundary objects (fences, stones, etc.) in reality.

In contrast to US, the land ownerships in Europe are much smaller. Hunters and hunting association mostly know the boundaries of the hunting permit very well by memory. This app appears to be developed for areas with large land ownerhips like the US, Canada, Australia, etc.

Source: Trimble

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