Yup, that’s right…Esri just created a selfie story map for the 2016 UC!

The Esri UC in San Diego is less than a week away and if you are excited about being there next week, Esri has an interesting option to show just how psyched you are – Post a selfie on their story map 😉

It’s a really cool idea but the only fail is that you cannot login with your Instagram account! How is it that you cannot use Instagram to post selfies… Isn’t that like the main purpose of having a Instagram account.. Well, unless its the Geoawesomeness account – we post maps 😉

Esri_SelfiMap_GeoawesomenessAnyway… Who’s headed to the Esri UC next week?

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RWE to use Data intelligence & Geospatial IoT to improve wind farm performance

Data analytics and IoT are two of the most promising technologies today and not a day passes without some futuristic application that portrays them as the lightsaber of the future. In some sense, it’s easy to imagine a future where they come together to help improve the efficiency of existing processes and build a more sustainable future.

Geospatial IoT

PlanetOS, the California based Geospatial IoT startup has announced the launch of a new product – PowerBoard, to help improve wind farm performance using data analytics and it has enlisted the German energy giant RWE as its launch partner! RWE’s partnership with PlanetOS is a small step towards that future!

_Planet OS_Introduces_Powerboard

“Uniting the right tools and relevant content together significantly reduces the effort needed by renewable energy companies to compete with coal, and natural gas” – Rainer Sternfeld, CEO PlanetOS 

Planet OS_Powerboard_Screenshot_main view

The powerboard dashboard – PlanetOS

The world is moving towards a more decentralised, renewable energy generation approach and it’s going to be interesting to see how applications like PowerBoard can also help the individuals optimise their wind mills (and solar panels) on their roofs.

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