These wonderful fantasy maps show a perfect balance between geography and expression 


Maps of fantasy worlds are always inspiring. It’s amazing how human creativity can abstract fictional geographies. That’s why when I came across the works of a Burbank, CA-based artist named Arlin Ortiz I knew I had to feature them on Geoawesomeness.

Arlin has been working on a project called Any Which Way: An Adventurer’s Atlas which comprises a set of amazing fantasy maps. His adventure with mapping started out with drawing them to use in tabletop role-playing games. Arlin enjoyed the world building that comes along with creating fantasy geographies. He liked to imagine the adventures and stories that could be told in each location.

His inspiration comes from medieval era maps, that strike an interesting balance between accuracy and expression. Arlin tries to create a similar sense of abstracted scale and detail. Like in medieval ages the maps give a feel like they have been created without absolute knowledge of the land that gives it a bit of mystery.

If you like Arlin’s maps you can support his project via Patreon or simply buys a print in his INPRNT store

Take a look at these maps:



Aleks Buczkowski
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