Where’s the nearest… Electric vehicle charging station!

The EV Charging Station map by PlugShare.


If you considering to go green and buy an electric vehicle, the first thing you’ll probably google is if there is a charging station nearby and how well distributed they are in your country/continent.

Where’s the nearest… EV Charing Station?

You could try googling for that information on g-maps and surprisingly a wide variety of searches still don’t turn out to provide me with the results I want to see. “EV charging station locations” isn’t something that google has mapped (just yet).

There is a Map for it!

Well, like the saying goes.. there is an app (map in this case) for it. Plugshare (the OSM/Airbnb of the EV charging world?) has one of the most detailed maps of all the EV Charging stations in the world and it’s truly amazing to see how many EV charging stations are available across the planet.

They also have an API, if you are interesting in using the data for your own app (link to dev page). Another alternative source is Carstations but PlugShare definitely seems to have more filtering options compared to the other website.

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