What If San Francisco Renamed Its Streets After Start-Ups?


Every major tech company in the world has an office in San Francisco and the reason is obvious. What if these startup companies got their way with the local government and were allowed to rename the streets of San Francisco? What if San Francisco renamed its streets after Startups? How would that look like? Well, CartoDB just went ahead and mapped it for all of us to dream about it 🙂

CartoDB has mashed up startup data from Crunchbase with the San Francisco Map to show how tech is found all around the city. The method for the map is simple: startups with major funding get bigger streets in relative to where they are.

“That’s kind of one of the neat things we do, is that we can do combinations of data on the fly and recast them,” Andrew Hill, Chief Science Officer of CartoDB, told TNW. “It’s looking at the same question: what do you do if you look at San Francisco as its redrawn by the startup world?”

For example, Airbnb is located on 8th and Brannan street in the city, but is so large that it gets to occupy the bigger and busier 16th street. Dropbox is located in the SoMa neighborhood, but is the owner of main neighborhood thoroughfare Market Street. – The Next Web

Another cool visualization is this map showing the San Francisco skyline redrawn by how much funding has been pumped into the startups residing in those buildings

This isn’t really geoawesome!!

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