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Vizible – Location-Based Twitter Nearby Photo App

AJP APPS VIZIBLETwitter is a great source of information. I would even risk to say – the best one. You can search through millions of hash-tags however users tend to forget that you can also communicate on Twitter through images… “A picture is worth a thousand words” … well Twitter gives you just 140 characters so images can be actually quite useful in certain situations.

Although Twitter is a platform dedicated to share short text messages it would be interesting to see images created by community of over half a billion users and it would be even more interesting to see what people around you are tweeting about. Vizible is an app that gives you the opportunity to do that.

While there’s been location-based apps like this for Instagram before, Twitter, as an information service, non-photo-specific and Vizible gives you an interesting glimpse of all the people, places, and activities going on around you. It’s a very simple, free app available for iPhone and iPad that bridges the gap between our curiosity and our desire to maintain privacy, as it not disclosing the expect location of any pics.


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The Rap Map – Mapping Out Hip Hop Lyrics

When you think about the concept of geographic location in a philosophical way – everything has its location reference. Every person, every item, every thought, but as well lyrics of any song ever written. The lat-long can describe place where it was written or location of the first concert it was  sang. But in case of rap music it’s important to understand the real meaning of places mentioned in song lyrics as rappers often sing about places in their neighbourhood. So in fact you might listen so some rap song but don’t understand what it really means…

‘The Rap Map’  by Rap Genius is Google Maps mash-up that plots out references and origins in rap lyrics. Rap Genius took lyrics from rap songs and placed markers on a Google Map with the lyrics themselves and explanations of why that location was relevant. There are locations in New York, Houston, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and more. I think it’s actually an interesting concept of how location information can be used to educate about the real meaning of song lyrics, and waiting for someone to make a similar project for rock music!

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