This gorgeous, interactive map shows Britain’s 1,453 ‘most romantic streets’

Valentine map
Click on the image to visit the interactive map

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we are simply smitten by everything that is pink and pretty. And this gorgeous, interactive map by Esri UK fits the bill perfectly!

The map showcases all the streets in the United Kingdom which have a romantic name – 1,453 in total. Did you know there are 168 Love Lanes across the Great Britain? Search for your postcode in the interactive map and you may discover one near you.

The Mirror took a deep dive into the data and found cutesy highlights like Date Street in Kennington, London, Kissing Tree Lane in Stratford-upon-Avon, and Wedding Drive in Worksop. They also stumbled upon eight ‘Juliet’-themed streets but found only two ‘Romeos’. There are a lot of ‘Rose’-themed street names, with quite a few ‘Diamond’ and ‘Valentine’ roads too.

Jess Houghton, technical research consultant at Esri UK, told The Mirror, “We thought it would be interesting to see where the Valentine-themed roads might be and just how many there were across the country. An interactive map like this shows where they are instantly, reveals patterns and lets you explore them easily.”

If you know how to use ArcGIS and you like this map, Lara Salam, Graduate Consultant at Esri UK, has a great step-by-step tutorial detailing how you can recreate a tooth-achingly sweet Valentine’s map. Check out the tutorial here.

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